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Is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood cursed?
October 20th, 2018 under Quentin Tarantino. [ Comments: none ]

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been filming for a few months and I wonder if the Quentin Tarantino movie about Charles Manson is cursed.

That is because Burt Reynolds was supposed to play the role of George Spahn, but he passed away before he began production on the role. They recast the part with Bruce Dern and he shot it. Now just a short time after filming his scenes, he fell and broke his hip yesterday according to TMZ.

Which makes you wonder what will happen next? Hopefully, nothing, but…


Michael Fassbender plays a mean air banjo
December 14th, 2016 under Jimmy Kimmel, Quentin Tarantino. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Fallon challenged Michael Fassbender to an Air Guitar Battle in The Tonight Show, and the Inglourious Basterd showed him who is the baddest rocker of them all. But then again the NBC late night host should’ve known he was in trouble when he saw how big his instrument is. I know I want to play with it!


Michael Fassbender looks at Jimmy Fallon’s crotch and says it’s quite short!
July 27th, 2016 under Jimmy Fallon, Quentin Tarantino. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Fassbender was on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon challenged him to a game of Pen in the Bottle. Basically you tie a string with a pen around your waist. The pen dangles behind you on the string and you have to crotch down to get it into a bottle without the use of your hands. What makes the game so funny, is that it looks you are taking a dump because of the way you have to bend down to get the pen into the bottle. And if you play the drinking game while you are really drunk, you might wind up doing just that.
But back to the set up of the game. As they were tying the strings around their torsos, the Inglourious Basterds star said to the NBC late night host as he examined where the pen was hanging between his legs, “Yours is quite short.” We’ve all seen Fassbender naked, most men’s are quite short next to his penis what I would say. Did I forget to put a space between pen and is in that last sentence? I guess that was a Freudian Slip!


The Affair is over for Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger
July 18th, 2016 under Dawsons Creek, Quentin Tarantino. [ Comments: none ]

Joshua Jackson spent his thirties dating Diane Kruger, but the same will not be said to be the same for his forties. That is because the former couple told People, “Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson have decided to separate and remain friends.”
The two dated for 10 years and agreed never to get married. Now they won’t be doing that. Even though she says that she is anti-marriage, how much do you want to bet that they will both be engaged to other people by next year. I don’t know about you, but I am hoping that Pacey and Joey do a Kelso and Jackie.


Quentin Tarantino is looking for some whores
June 6th, 2016 under Quentin Tarantino. [ Comments: 1 ]

Quentin Tarantino is asking for some whores between 18-35 who are sizes between 2 and 8. Why? Not to be his girlfriend, but to be in the upcoming movie he is producing.
According to Woman and Hollywood, a Casting Agent posted the above ad on Facebook that reads, “Casting Whores for Quentin Tarantino project. Caucasian, non-union females, ages 18–35. Western film shoots June 21st-25th in Los Angeles. No highlights, natural eyebrows, natural breasts, natural hair color to be true to the period. Dress sizes 2–8. Please send photo, including sizes.” To make matters worse, they asked the actress, who want be considered for the role, to put “whore” in the subject line.
As a woman I find that disgusting. There are ways to get around casting the role without just saying whores. You know say something like Western casting women who work in a Brothel. Don’t make the extras, who will get paid less than the working women of that era, degrade themselves like that. They wouldn’t say Gigolos or male whores to cast man to play the same type of role. Would they? And on that note, why don’t they cast more male whores in movies. I want to see that! I guess that kind of negates my point, or does it make it stronger?


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