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We are getting a Monk movie!
March 15th, 2023 under Peacock, Tony Shaloub. [ Comments: none ]

I miss the days when USA Network had shows like Monk and Psych on the air. While those days are long gone. Peacock keeps bringing them back for movies to remind us how good things used to be.

So far, we have gotten three Psych movies, and today the streaming service announced that they are getting one for Monk.

“When creator Andy Breckman came to us with a new Monk case set in present day, we immediately fell in love with this story all over again,” said Michael Sluchan, EVP, Movies, Kids, Daytime, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “The movie has the heart and humor of the original series with a contemporary relevance, and we’re overjoyed to work with the original creative team, including Andy, David Hoberman, Randy Zisk, the unparalleled Tony Shalhoub, and our partners at UCP, for what is sure to be a must-see movie event for Peacock audiences.”

In Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie, our favorite detective returns to solve one last, very personal case involving his beloved step-daughter Molly, a journalist preparing for her wedding.

I know you don’t care about that as much as you want to know who will be back for the reunion movie. Besides the obvious Tony Shaloub, we will also see Ted Levine (who better grow back his mustache), Traylor Howard, Jason Gray-Stanford, Melora Hardin, and Hector Elizondo reprise their roles.

Peacock did not say when this will debut, but I am assuming they will tie it in with the second season premiere of Poker Face. At least, that is what I would do.

Until we get the Monk movie, you can rewatch or discover all eight seasons on Peacock. Monk ran from 2001-2009.


Days of our Lives will live to see 60!
March 15th, 2023 under Peacock, TV Soaps. [ Comments: none ]

Every year when it comes to renewing Days of our Lives, we wonder if it will be back for another season. Last year, the Soap Opera moved from NBC to Peacock, and we weren’t sure if it would survive.

Well, it is making a Gloria Gaynor song and will survive. Not for one season, but two! That means it will celebrate its 60th year on the air!

Congrats to the little show that could!

Moving to the streaming service was a blessing in disguise! Now that fans aren’t beholden to a timeslot and can watch it when they want. Therefore, more people are watching the Daytime Drama.

UPDATE: In other TV news, the overpriced Val Kilmer-less Willow is one and done on Disney+, according to Deadline.


M3GAN is getting an unrated version on Peacock
February 17th, 2023 under Peacock. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me and thought that M3GAN was tame and lame, then you are not alone. The studio gave the big screen a PG-13 version.

However, on February 24th, Peacock is giving us the one that is unrated with never before seen footage. And I can’t wait to see that android be the killing machine that she was intended to be. Let there be blood.


Poker Face is dealt a second season!
February 15th, 2023 under Natasha Lyonne, Peacock. [ Comments: none ]

Everyone who watches Poker Face on Peacock immediately falls in love with it. So it makes sense that the streaming service gave the throwback procedural from Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne a second season before the first one has even ended.

“Congratulations, PokerFaces!! ♥️♠️♦️♣️ @rianjohnson @peacock,” Lyonne wrote. “We’re so happy you like our show and can’t wait to make some more for you! #PokerFace 😎😎🃏♥️🛸”

I can’t wait to see what and who they give us in season two.

Seriously, if you are not watching, you are missing the best crime-solving show since Murder, She Wrote ended. That’s because they didn’t make shows like that anymore until Poker Face. So if you were addicted to shows like Quincy, Columbo, The Incredible Hulk, and Kolchak: The Night Stalker, then you are going to adore Lyonne and Johnson’s creation.


Poker Face is a modern take on the ’70s and ’80s procedurals
January 27th, 2023 under Natasha Lyonne, Peacock. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, we had interesting and fun procedurals like Quincy, Columbo, Murder, She Wrote, and Diagnosis Murders. Every week, there would be one lead who would brilliantly solve the crime. Since then, the procedurals have lost their magic.

However, Poker Face, which is streaming on Peacock now, is bringing back the flare that Jessica Fetcher had with every murder that came her way.

Charlie (Natasha Lyonne) is a human lie detector. She used this ability to win poker games all over the country until the owner of a Las Vegas Casino figured out her deal. He clipped her wings by getting her blackballed and gave her a job at his hotel.

He decided to retire and give his son the business. Now, his son wants to use her ability to help himself out. So, what else can she do but agree to do it?

However, during her first assignment, her best friend is murdered by her abusive husband, and Charlie isn’t sure that is how their story ended. So she decides to investigate the crime, and what she finds out will cause her to live her life on the road avoiding the people she is running from. But they are never too far behind.

Now, where ever she goes, people will be losing their lives, involuntarily. She is going to try to solve each of their deaths. But since she was never trained on how to do it, she will make a lot of mistakes, just like Columbo did until he got it right.

Throughout her journey, she is going to make a lot of friends. Some of them are innocent, and some of them are not. Will you be able to figure out who did it? So far, after watching 6 of the 10 episodes, I can tell you the butler didn’t do it.

I will also tell you another thing. So, I saw a headline that Rian Johnson said The Incredible Hulk was an inspiration for the series, and that is how I was able to realize that this was a throwback to that era. Like Bruce Banner, she will be going from town to town, never staying long enough to really get attached to anyone. But long enough to make a difference in someone’s death.

One more thing. In the second episode, she meets a woman who tells her how to survive on the road. This way, it makes sense how she is getting by with no means. I wish more shows did that.

Back to the series, the first four episodes dropped yesterday, and you will have no problem binging them. The first three episodes are good. But the next three are really, really good. You can tell that everyone has found their rhythm and they are having a blast.

How can they not? They get to work with guest stars like Adrien Brody, Angel Desai, Audrey Corsa, Benjamin Bratt, Brandon Michael Hall, Charles Melton, Chelsea Frei, Cherry Jones, Chloë Sevigny, Clea DuVall, Colton Ryan, Danielle MacDonald, Dascha Polanco, Ellen Barkin, Hong Chau, Jasmine Aiyana Garvin, Jameela Jamil, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Judith Light, Leslie Silva, Lil Rel Howery, Luis Guzmán, Megan Suri, Niall Cunningham, Nicholas Cirillo, Nick Nolte, Reed Birney, Rhea Perlman, Ron Perlman, Rowan Blanchard, S. Epatha Merkerson, Shane Paul McGhie, Simon Helberg, Stephanie Hsu, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tim Meadows.

Lyonne’s Catskills personality is perfect for resurrecting this style of television. It was an art form that was lost, and I am so happy it was found.

So go find it on Peacock today. And then watch new episodes every Thursday. I know I will be watching it because it is the best new show of the season.


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