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[ # ] The Traitors turn on each other, Puberty hits Son of a Critch
January 25th, 2024 under Peacock

Tonight at 9p on Peacock, The Traitors pick up with the traitors meeting up. Phaedra confronts Parvati for calling out the Housewives during the Banishment ceremony, and she feels that puts a bullseye on her back. Can these two work together again after that?

Whether they can or not, they still have to pick someone to kill. Who will they agree on? And how will the Faithfuls feel when the murdered person doesn’t show up for breakfast?

And all of the players shouldn’t take that person’s chair away too quickly because Kate from season one is back, and all she wants to do is cause trouble. She wastes no time in doing that. How will everyone react to her?

You are just going to have to see in the wildest Banishment ceremony to date.

This show gets increasingly more conniving with each episode, and that is why we love it so much.

Over on The CW at 8p, Son of a Critch is back for its third season, and Mark (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) has gone through some changes. He (the actor) has hit puberty. Therefore, he has grown a few inches, and his voice is a lot deeper.

And that is a good thing since he is in grade 9, and he should not be messed with since it is his final year of middle school. Will he finally be the bully, or will he still be bullied?

Even though there is a lot of change going on, he still has his two friends, Fox (Sophia Powers) and Ritchie (Mark Rivera), and they are looking forward to being grade niners. Will it be all they hope it will be? It is only the first day of school, so we will have to keep watching this endearing comedy about growing up in Canada in the late ’80s to find out.


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