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Paulina Porizkova wants you to look at her hotel bathroom
July 6th, 2021 under Paulina Porizkova. [ Comments: none ]

Paulina Porizkova loved her hotel bathroom in Rome so much that she had to share a photo of it. Although, I don’t think many people will be looking at the marble walls.

“My hotel Eden in Rome, has, besides a beautiful room I’m staying in, this pretty happening bathroom. After work and a leisurely bath, I was bored, which led to this celebration of narcissism, the naked selfie. What else was there to do? I mean, besides things like reading a good book or watching Italian TV. 😜But it made me wonder what would happen if you gave a man a mirror and a camera and lots of spare time, versus a woman,” she wrote. “And for all of you who have a rough time with nudity, this thread will not be a safe place for you. Godspeed. 😁”

If I had a body like hers at 56, I would show it off too. We should feel more comfortable in her skin. Maybe I will take a photo like that. Although, I will wait until I am in Italy because you know what they say, “When in Rome.”


Is Paulina Porizkova really 55?
February 3rd, 2021 under Are they really their age?, Paulina Porizkova, RIc Ocasek. [ Comments: none ]

Paulina Porizkova shared a photo of herself completely naked. She did so to get a message out how we should all feel comfortable in our skin no matter how old we are.

Today, on a serious note, thoughts inspired by the brouhaha around a sexy photo of @elizabethhurley1 …
When I was in my twenties and thirties, the less I wore – the more popular I was.
In my forties, I could walk around practically naked and illicit nothing more than a ticket for public indecency.
At fifty, I am reviled for it. “Put on your clothes, grandma. Hungry for attention, are you? A little desperate here? You’re pathetic.”
Why is sexiness and nudity applauded in a woman’s youth and reviled in her maturity?
Because of men.
Men are biologically programmed to spread their seed, inserting themselves into fertile containers which advertise their viability through youth.
What does this say for men who do not want children?
And what does this say for women like myself, who need to be validated by the male gaze?
Men who have all the kids they wanted? Men who don’t want kids right this second?
The only thing that is pathetic here is allowing others to set your priorities. #sexyhasnoexpirationdate #betweenjloandbettywhite

She is so right. If I had the body she has now; I would also show it off. Seriously, we are all stuck in our bodies until brain transplants; we should love it as it is! We also should not let others judge us because of their own issues.


The oh, oh, it’s magic is gone for Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova
May 3rd, 2018 under Paulina Porizkova, RIc Ocasek. [ Comments: none ]

Heartbeat City is broken today because the good times are no longer rolling for Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova. The singer and the model announced that they split up a year ago.

She broke the news on Instagram this morning, “Our family always has been – and still is – a well-built car. When the four of us are together, we can go wherever the road takes us. But as a bicycle, my husband and I no longer pedal in unison. So, we’re ditching the bicycle.

“Ric and I have been peacefully separated for the past year. The photos of our happy family are, in fact, happy family photos; we are just no longer a couple.

“The love we have for one another is so wide and deep it’s practically tangible, and that sort of love can never disappear. Expect to keep seeing happy family photos.

“As I’m sure you can understand, out of respect for our children and each other, we’ll not be commenting further (here or elsewhere) at this time.”

The two of them met in 1984 when she starred in the music video for The Cars song Drive that was actually sung by the late band member Benjamin Orr and not Ocasek. They married around 5 years later on August 23, 1989. They have two sons Jonathan Raven, 25, and Oliver Orion, 19.

The former couple was seen last month looking happy together with their two sons when The Cars were inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

Now you have to wonder, who is going to Drive him home, tonight?

One more, You Might Think he is crazy to break up with and you might be right. Maybe someday they will say Hello, Again to their relationship.


Ric Ocasek’s body is just Magic
July 20th, 2012 under 80s, Paulina Porizkova, RIc Ocasek. [ Comments: 1 ]

Fame Flynet
Ric Ocaseck took his family to St Barth for some fun and sun and we get to see him in just trunks. You might think I’m crazy, but I think that The Cars singer look sexy for 63. And by the looking at pictures above it looks like he still drives his wife Paulina Porizkova crazy. On that note how cute are their beautiful teenage boys Jonathan Raven and Oliver Orion.


Ric Ocasek and his mini-Cars!
November 22nd, 2011 under 80s, Paulina Porizkova. [ Comments: none ]

Ric Ocasek and his wife Paulina Porizkova took their two sons the premiere Hugo and I can’t believe how much Jonathan Raven and Oliver Orion look like their dad. I especially love that both boys have the same hairdo as the singer from The Cars. You Might Think I’m Crazy for saying that, but I think I was able to Drive my point home!


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