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BTWF: Mark-Paul Gosselaar for DAS Smurf Modeling Clay
January 9th, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

Before Mark-Paul Gosselaar was playing all different types of sports on Saved By the Bell, he was playing with DAS Smurf Modeling Clay. How awwwwdorable was the 6-year-old in that 1982 commercial?


Marie Osmond dated Erik Estrada
January 9th, 2019 under Andy Cohen, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saved by the Bell/City Guys, The Osmonds. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’70s, the paparazzi didn’t follow celebrities around like they do today. Therefore, famous people could date and we would not even know about it.

Case in point, Andy Cohen asked Marie Osmond if it is true that she dated Erik Estrada when she was on Watch What Happens Live yesterday. The singer told him, “I dated a lot of people.” Then she added, “We just never talked about it.”

Now I want to know who else she dated. Actually, I don’t want to know, I need to know. I wonder if she kissed anyone from Kiss? Did she tell anyone from KC and the Sunshine Band that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it? Did she ever choose between Starsky and Hutch? Or model Daisy Dukes for one of the Duke brothers? Was she the Bandit to Burt Reynolds’ Smokey? Made Wookie to Chewbacca? The possibilities are endless. And I could go on, but I will Kool it. Unless she dated one of the guys from that Gang…

Now let’s talk about the CHiPs star. Could you imagine if they got married and had kids? That baby would have the best smile just like their parents! Those two mouths would create the perfect one.

We also learned something else in this short clip, but it was not about Marie. Did you know that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has not spoken to Dustin Diamond since 1994? I guess we it will take a miracle to see Screech and Zach together again


Fox’s Fall Schedule Is…
May 14th, 2018 under Fox, Mark-Paul Gosselaar. [ Comments: none ]

9:00-10:00 PM 9-1-1

8:00-9:00 PM THE GIFTED

8:00-9:00 PM EMPIRE
9:00-10:00 PM STAR


8:00-8:30 PM LAST MAN STANDING (all-new episodes)
8:30-9:00 PM THE COOL KIDS (new series)
9:00-10:00 PM HELL’S KITCHEN

7:00-7:30 PM NFL ON FOX
8:30-9:00 PM BOB’S BURGERS
9:00-9:30 PM FAMILY GUY
9:30-10:00 PM REL (new series)

Fox announced their fall schedule this morning and I cannot say I am happy about it. I think they should have stayed with Lucifer and Last Man on Earth over The Gifted and The Resident. On the latter, I get why they kept it. They believe it is a good fit with 9-1-1, but personally, the Ryan Murphy drama is going into Lucifer territory in storylines. The Gifted and Lethal Weapon pairing makes no sense to me. It will be interesting to see if viewers feel the same way. Wednesdays are the same, but I think Empire needs to end. It is a shell of what it used to be. Thursday is freaking Football, more on that below. Fridays will give us Last Man Standing with The Cool Kids. Personally, I am looking forward to both. Sundays will see no comedies in the 7p hour, which is why they got rid go LMOE to make room for Rel. I love Jerrod Carmichael, know his brilliance, but I will not give this comedy all my heart.

The Orville and Gotham’s final season move to midseason. My feeling is The Orville will be paired with Cosmos. It can be the Seth MacFarlane day. Fox has not made any decisions on LA to Vegas and Ghosted. At this point, they are working on new seasons of Prison Break and 24, but it is in the very early phases. When it comes to The X-Files, they have no plans, as of now, to bring it back.

Finally, the New Fox is due to getting a new audience because of football. With the sports ratings declining, it will be interesting to see how many new viewers they get. I think they should have kept the loyal ones instead of focusing on the new ones. But that is me.

To read descriptions of the new shows, then click here!


Mark-Paul Gosselaar shares the most epic throwback photo!
December 23rd, 2016 under Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

Mark-Paul Gosselaar shared this awesome blast from the past photo of himself and really what more is there to say. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words and this one is worth a million!!!


Mickey Mouse brings Saved By the Bell together!
December 19th, 2016 under Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

It’s a Christmas miracle, Zack and Slater are hanging out like they are the best of friends and it is all due to Mickey Mouse. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez brought their families to go see Disney On Ice and we got this amazing photo. Proving that the two studs from Saved By the Bell lived happily ever after after all! What more can we ask for this holiday season?


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