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KISS postpone at least one date because Paul Stanley has COVID-19
August 27th, 2021 under Coronavirus, KISS. [ Comments: 1 ]

While several musicians like BTS and Garth Brooks are canceling concerts because they don’t want their fans to get COVID-19, KISS postponed a date on their final tour because Paul Stanley tested positive for it.

“Tonight’s [August 26th] KISS show at The Pavilion at Star Lake in Burgettstown, PA is unfortunately postponed due to Paul Stanley testing positive for COVID,” a statement reads. “Everyone on the entire tour, both band and crew, are fully vaccinated. The band and their crew have operated in a bubble independently to safeguard everyone as much as possible at each show and in between shows. The tour also has a COVID safety protocol officer on staff full-time that is ensuring everyone is closely following all CDC guidelines.”

No word if any other shows will be postponed. But their next gig is slated for tomorrow in Raliegh, N.C.

Get well soon, Paul Stanley. And everyone who isn’t vaccinated but can get the shot, do it now! It is better than getting coronavirus.


Gene Simmons changes up his facial covering
December 30th, 2020 under KISS. [ Comments: none ]

For the last 45 years, we got used to seeing Gene Simmons with his face covered in makeup. Well, that was then. This year, instead of us copying him, he is copying us. The KISS singer was seen wearing a mask as he rehearses for his New Year’s Eve concert in Dubai.

If he can do it, then so can you. You don’t want to get the KISS of death that is known as COVID-19.


KISS gets into the coffee business
December 24th, 2020 under KISS. [ Comments: none ]

KISS has sold a lot of merchandise with their name on it throughout the decades. In 2021, they are teaming up with Dead Sled Coffee to release their own java. What better to Rock & Roll All Nite, then by downing their cafe and listening to their music.

You will be on such a caffeine high that you will be able to get out of those leather pants in seconds. Something that you will need to be able to do because coffee makes you pee and poop.


Gene Simmons latest gross food choice
September 4th, 2020 under KISS. [ Comments: none ]

I used to think I had the worst taste in food, but then I found out that that title belongs to Gene Simmons. The Kiss man with the tongue likes to put it on ice cubes in his cereal and it also likes the taste cottage cheese, oatmeal, whipped cream, and blueberries mixed together.

His latest creation came with the help of his wife, Shannon Tweed. She made him a panini with turkey, cheese, and tomatoes. Then he added some hot sauce to it for flavor. Tweed thought that looked good enough to eat, but she was in for a surprise. That is because he added peanut butter to the sandwich when she wasn’t looking.

I get it, tomatoes are a fruit. However, they are not the type of jelly you want to go with peanut butter. Let alone hot sauce. I put hot sauce on almost everything, and even I am like, hell no.

Simmons must have one of the strongest stomachs in the world because how many other digestive tracks can handle his food contraptions.

If Simmons is ever hard up for cash, I say this with love, I hope he never opens a restaurant. He can kiss his money goodbye if he did.


Gene Simmons debuts another unappealing meal
March 30th, 2020 under KISS. [ Comments: none ]

Gene Simmons/Instagram

A few months ago, Gene Simmons showed us that he likes to add ice cubes to his cereal. As strange as that sounds, it will not gross you out as much as his latest creation which he has been making for years.

It is cottage cheese, oatmeal, whipped cream, and blueberries mixed together. I did a Gene Simmons and stuck out my tongue because that sounds so nasty. I don’t care if he says it is “Delish!” I wouldn’t KISS him after he ate that. Would you?

They say breakfast is the meal of champions. In his case, it is a meal of someone who did Rock and Roll All Nite. How else do you explain his two creations?


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