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Pickler and Ben was not picked up for a third season
April 6th, 2019 under Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron announced yesterday that their talk show Pickler and Ben was not picked up for a third season. I think this news is very sad because they did stuff that none of the other talk shows were doing. It was not all about celebrity guests and the same old cooking segments.

It was about trying out new things and sharing it with their audience. They were also willing to be as goofy as they needed to be which made them so likable. They did not take themselves too seriously and that is what we need.

Hopefully, one of the cable stations will give them home because I am going to miss them.

Even though they will be back next year, they will be taping new episodes next month and will be airing repeats until September.


BTWF: Leslie Jordan for Sizzler
February 26th, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Full House, Kellie Pickler, Leslie Jordan. [ Comments: none ]

Before Leslie Jordan was one of The Cool Kids, his food choices were far from it so he felt cool when he went to Sizzler. How cute was the 33-year-old in that 1988 commercial?

He was not the only future star in this ad, did you spot a 6-year-old Jodie Sweetin?

Back to Jordan, he talked about how he got into acting, moved to Hollywood and started out doing commercials on Pickler and Ben yesterday. My favorite part comes at the end when he says how Betty White knew one of them was going to kill the other one Boston Public. That was such an epic moment on the show.


Pickler and Ben gets taken over by 2 baby otters!!!
February 20th, 2019 under Animals, Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

You know how on most talk shows when a guest brings any animals on, they don’t let the creatures roam around. Pickler and Ben is unlike all the others. Today, Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron welcomed 2 Asian small-clawed otters on to the show and within seconds Ping and Pong took over the set.

Pickler and Animal expert Grant Kemmerer were holding the squeaky brothers for the introduction and then they decided to put them in the little pool the show set up for them. I guess they were not interested in it because they jumped down and started running all over the set. They went under the couch, over to the camera to get a closeup, back to the pool and anywhere else they wanted to go.

The only place they did not go was into the audience. Which is smart of their part because if they did, I am sure someone would have taken them home. Who wouldn’t? They are so cute, they make me want to trade in my cat for one of them.

Seriously, they are otterly awwwwdorable, I think the 6-month olds should replace Pickler and Ben on the morning show. No offense to the CMT hosts, but I could watch them for hours and hours. Seriously, aren’t you in love with them too? Those faces are just so sweet.


Chewbacca Mom is now a Stormtrooper!
December 3rd, 2018 under Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

Two years ago, Chewbacca Mom was as popular as Kim Kardashian’s nude butt. That was then, where is Candace Payne now? She is writing books about spreading the joy and today she was trying out some of this season’s hottest toys on Pickler & Ben.

You cannot have her on without at least one Star Wars toy to play with, so they had one for her. She, Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron tried on some Stormtrooper masks, and it was not as good as the Wookie. Who cares? Because all we care about is seeing Chewbacca Mom again!


Kellie Pickler nearly passes out holding a scorpion
November 7th, 2018 under Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

Talk shows love having an animal expert on their shows, and the hosts hate it. Pickler & Ben is no different than all the other talks shows. Kellie Pickler loves all types of animals, but she hates bugs.

What did Grant Kemmerer III from Wild World of Animals bring her? A scorpion of course. As soon as she saw the killer insect, she ran and hid behind Ben Aaron. After some coercing, Aaron held the scary creature. Then it was time for Pickler to face her fears.

She took off her shoes and lost a foot in height. Which is the best part of this whole segment? Although, her expressions as she held it is classic. I really thought she was going to pass out. But somehow she did not. Good for her. I would have been on the floor faster than her feet when she got out of her platform heels.


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