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April 30th, 2019 under Kellie Pickler

Back before there was Netflix and Amazon Prime, we had to rent movies at Blockbuster. Then when those services started streaming videos, Blockbuster pretty much went out of business. I saw pretty much because there is only one store left and it is Bend, Oregon.

Today on Pickler & Ben, the hosts spoke to the family that owns that store. Even though it is 2019, it still looks like the ones we visited in 1999. Something Sandi Harding takes a lot of pride in. Besides having walls of DVDs, they still have that candy stand full of goodies you get at the movies. Remember how much fun it was to rent a movie and buy a pack of Sno-Caps so you could Blockbuster and chill?

Do people still go to that store? You betcha. She says 10 new people sign up every day. Families still come to rent movies. New and old. They have films that the streaming services do not have much to the delight of their customers.

Since they are the very last Blockbuster, people send them the old VHS tapes, DVDs and gift cards they find in their house to the store. While a lot of that is currently stored in the backroom, Harding says she plans to display them some day next to all of the Russell Crowe memorabilia they have.

That will be a total trip down memory lane. This whole interview was just that. Am I the only who misses going to the video store and checking out all of the new releases? While I get to do that with Tubi TV, it is just the same.

And TV will not be the same when Pickler & Ben tapes its last episode later this month. I wish there were more talk shows like this one. They do things the others do not like this segment. Seriously, how much fun was this to watch?


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