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Jerry O’Connell hurt his boys on The Talk
November 28th, 2023 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on The Talk, the talk show had Lawrence Saint-Victor, Scott Clifton, Tanner Novlan, Matthew Atkinson, and Joshua Hoffman from The Bold and the Beautiful on to talk about how they prepare for their sex scenes on the Soap Opera.

Atkinson revealed and then demonstrated that he does standing curls with a 3′ rubberband before he goes on camera for shirtless scenes. So everyone, including Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, and Jerry O’Connell, decided to try it out with him.

It was going smoothly until the band slipped from one of O’Connell’s feet, shot up, and hit him in the balls at full force. He did a standing crunch in pain as Novlan. Saint-Victor, Hoffman, and Atkinson felt his pain. Well, Hoffman laughed, as I did too. But I am a sadist who enjoys seeing people in pain.

Hopefully, O’Connell is feeling better today. So, in case you are wondering why he is talking in a higher voice today, now you know why! His Royal Jewels had another run-in with Kangaroo Jack.

Can you get worker’s comp for an accident like that?


Rebecca Romijn’s kids wanted to know why John Stamos called her the Devil
November 15th, 2023 under Andy Cohen, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, John Stamos. [ Comments: none ]

Before Rebecca Romijn was married to Jerry O’Connell, she already said I do to John Stamos. Something I honestly forgot.

Anyways, the Full House star wrote a book about his life, and it sounds like he trashed his exes, including his ex-wife, Romijn. Not only did he talk about her in his memoir, but he also did it on Howard Stern’s radio show.

And according to what O’Connell told Andy Cohen on his radio show, his 14-year-old twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, heard that interview too.

O’Connell said, “It is pretty crazy when your kids come out for breakfast, and they go, ‘Hey mom, your ex has a book out and called you the Devil. What are your thoughts? Why did he call you that?'”

I bet Stamos didn’t think about that when he started trashing her in his book and in interviews. Wait until his son, Billy, 5, is a teenager and starts hearing what his dad did when he was younger. Then, he will have regrets about what he said about other people who have kids.

Stamos should apologize to Romijn for putting her in an awkward position with her daughters. Because karma is a bitch, and Stamos has a past.

When it comes to the O’Connells, the parents don’t plan on reading the book. And I can’t say I blame them for not wanting to read it. Stamos tries to make himself the victim and the women in his life as the cause of it. I have no interest in that. Do you?


Jerry O’Connell continues to be a class act!
November 13th, 2023 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Adam Driver attended a Q&A for his movie Ferrari yesterday, and an audience member asked him about the cheesy crash scenes in the film. The actor responded by saying, “Fuck you! I don’t know. Next question.”

Needless to say, that response did not go over well with people and the press. And his answer went viral.

Today, on The Talk, they talked about it, and Jerry O’Connell explained why Driver was wrong to give that “harsh” answer with an example from his life recently.

“I’m married to my wife [Rebecca Romijn]…My wife’s ex-husband [John Stamos] recently wrote a biography, and it referred to my wife in a negative manner. And a lot of people have asked me about that in press, and it would be easy for me to say screw you, how dare you ask me about that, but really it would be bringing attention to a situation that I don’t want to feed into,” O’Connell said. “With my example, there’s children involved, teenage children who read everything on the internet. So you don’t want to feed that fire.”

O’Connell is not wrong because, as he stated, people are going to see Ferrari now for the cheesy crashes and laugh at them even if they are well done. Sometimes it is better to play it off as cool rather than let your true emotions show.

As for O’Connell, he is handling the Stamos situation properly because Uncle Jessie has been coming off as a dick with his memoir. So much so that I have no intention of reading it because I have already been turned off of him since the book came out, and that is just from the interviews he did about the book.

I also respect O’Connell for him putting his daughters first. My niece is their age and is also a Freshman in high school. And it is not easy. So, I think O’Connell is a caring and good father for putting their needs before his emotions. They are lucky to have him as a dad.


Caption Jerry O’Connell!
October 27th, 2023 under Caption the Celeb, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, Mario Lopez. [ Comments: none ]

This photo that Mario Lopez took of Jerry O’Connell lying on the floor spread eagle has caption me written all over it, so go ahead and do it.

I’ll start. Saved By the Balls!


What does Jerry O’Connell hate that Rebecca Romijn does?
October 26th, 2023 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Jerry O’Connell always says he married up when he married Rebecca Romijn. But that doesn’t mean that he loves everything that she does.

So what does he hate about her? He admitted on Pictionary that he is not a fan of her giving their toilet paper a mullet.

Do you prefer your toilet paper to have a mullet or a beard? And is it weird I don’t care?


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