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Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing with his puppy is all we need today
January 3rd, 2020 under Jean-Claude Van Damme. [ Comments: none ]
We are all hungover from the holidays and we need something to make us feel better. How about Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing with his puppy? I don’t know about you, but my headache and upset stomach are all gone now. I am ready to face work again on Monday. What about you?

His dancing is pure joy and he needs to do it more often! Someone needs to give him a dancing movie. Martial arts is so yesterday.


Jean-Claude Van Damme gets handsy with Conan O’Brien’s butt!
February 6th, 2019 under Conan O'Brien, Jean-Claude Van Damme. [ Comments: none ]

Jean-Claude Van Damme was on Conan yesterday, and O’Brien’s staff told the martial arts actor something about their boss before he went on the air. They revealed to him that O’Brien has a mental issue about his lack of a butt.

Before they started the interview, Van Damme brought that little tidbit up and said that Conan has a nice bum. That is when the TBS host stood up and let his guest feel his assets. Which he did, but Conan stayed a little too long.

Then when the show and feel was done, Van Damme gave us all tips on how to strengthen our tushes. Lie down on the ground, contract your butt cheeks for three seconds, release for two and repeat 30 times. If you do it properly, then you will not be able to walk the next day. Who cares about that because no one who is walking behind you will be able to look up at the back of your head. If you catch my drift and not my fart.

I can say that because you stopped reading after I told you the secret to having nice buttocks.


Does Jean-Claude Van Damme have balls?
April 24th, 2017 under Jean-Claude Van Damme. [ Comments: none ]

Jean-Claude Van Damme is as known for his splits as his Martial Arts, but it still makes me wonder how he does the former. I mean, he is a man, doesn’t it hurt when he gets down on the floor with legs wide open like that? It hurts me and I am a woman, so it makes me think how does he get through the pain? Is there any? This is what happens when I get lost my thoughts?


Jean-Claude Van Damme is over boring interviews!
July 29th, 2016 under Jean-Claude Van Damme. [ Comments: none ]

When you are an actor, you have to do same interview over and over again. It is just the interviewer that changes up. Well after 20 years, Jean-Claude Van Damme has had enough. The Martial Artist was doing a satellite interview from Bangkok with Australia’s Sunrise and they made the mistake of asking him about working with Aussie Kylie Minogue in Street Fighter over 20 years ago.
He told the anchors, “Yeah, I like Kylie, I like everybody, can I please come to Australia and talk to you? Yeah I like Kylie. Sorry guys, I cannot do this anymore. You are talking to a guy who’s very rough, you know? Let me talk, it’s good for the people to hear this, let me talk please. Because those questions, the press have been asking me the same questions for the past 25 years. Kylie? How’s your training? How’s your this? How’s your that? So I’m coming to Australia to maybe do something different with the audience.”
Then he elaborated, “Those interview you are giving me on TV right now, they are very boring. Because the question are boring. It’s difficult for me to answer the question so I sweat, I don’t feel good, because they are boring. I knew this, OK. Next question? You have something interesting to ask me? OK, gotta go to the restroom. Bye bye.”
Concluding his rant with, “What the f**k is going on with Australia? What the f**k is going on? I cannot do this, I’m too natural, you can blow this stuff away. What is this?”
You can can’t blame him. It’s like someone asking you what was it like going to college with so and so that you had one class with after 20 years, you are like how the f*ck do I remember? And being asked that same question over and over again when you are there to talk about something else would get really frustrating really fast. There is only so long someone can fake it and after a quarter of century he can’t fake it anymore.
Granted, if I was the person interviewing him and he had that meltdown, I would have walked off the set and run to the bathroom to cry. But since it wasn’t me, I can respect him for saying he has had enough.


Who knew that Jean-Claude Van Damme should do Mentos commercials?
May 19th, 2015 under Jean-Claude Van Damme, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

U3cL49W518 had some fun and edited a scene from Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport and added the music from a Mentos commercial together, and what we got was pure happiness! Who knew the two would go so well hand and hand together, but they do. So sit back and let this fauxmmercial put a big smile on your face. Kind of like when you bite down on Mentos! Now I am craving one.


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