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Even Nick Jonas was over all of his weddings!
March 7th, 2019 under James Corden, Jonas Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

James Corden went for a drive with the Jonas Brothers on The Late Late Show tonight and he decided he wanted to help them stay together with some therapy. Although, is a lie detector test therapy? And will the truth split them up again?

It started off easy enough when Joe truthfully admitted that Kevin gets on his nerves the most? Then Kevin admitted he was over all of Nick’s weddings to Priyanka Chopra. Turns out that Nick was done with them too, especially when he saw the bill.

Not only is Nick now in trouble with his wife, but he also got in trouble with his brothers when he lied about not being a better singer than them. Granted Joe is probably in trouble with both of the Mrs. Jonases because he did not tell the truth when he said that they did not get on his nerves.

Next up, Nick admitted he is the one that broke up the band, but Kevin was not truthful when he said he did not want to punch his younger brother for doing it.

We also found out who was the first brother to take off the purity ring. Who do you think it is? Of course, it was the oldest one. No surprise there, is there?

Now, we know more about them and they know more about each other too. Hopefully, not enough to call off the eventual reunion tour that they need to go on to pay for all of Nick’s weddings. Heck, they will be touring until they are in wheelchairs to pay for those many many many nuptials.


Nick Jonas sells out his Jumanji castmates rather than eat a bull penis
March 6th, 2019 under James Corden, Jonas Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

The Jonas Brothers were on The Late Late Show yesterday and James Corden had the three of them take part in Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. The CBS late night host changed it up for the brothers. This time it was just them answering the questions. If one of them chose not to answer the question, then they all had to eat or drink something gross. Even if one of the brothers sold the other ones out. Got it? Good!

Corden came out swinging with his first question when he asked Kevin whose album he would buy, DNCE or Nick’s. He chose DNCE and that immediately came back to bite him in the guts. The hurt brother got a softball question and decided not to answer it. He did that because he knew that Kevin did not want to drink the bird saliva. Therefore, Nick got his oldest brother back. Because boys will be boys.

Joe might be the hottest Jonas brother, but he could not handle the heat of a three chili smoothie. Next up for Kevin was the cow blood and pork tongue juice. They all had to eat it because he would not say which one of his brothers would be a better father. He made the right choice.

Back to Nick who he really did not want to eat the bull penis. Thus, he ranked his Jumanji co-stars from most likable to least. The most likable is The Rock, of course, followed by Karen Gillan, Jack Black and Kevin Hart. It is going to be fun on the set next week for him.

The last question of the night went to Joe who said that he would rather go on vacation with Nick and Priyanka. Kevin was not upset because as Joe explained, “If they’re paying, it is going to be amazing.” Fair enough.

In conclusion, we were lucky that their reunion almost last a week because you know they are going to be split up again after this.


Nick Jonas has the sorriest whistle
March 5th, 2019 under James Corden, Jonas Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, the Jonas Brothers announced that they are reuniting as a band. This week, they are spending it on The Late Late Show.

Yesterday, they explained to James Corden how their reunion came about. They have spent the last year filming a documentary about their lives for Amazon Prime. One day, they decided to jam together and they all felt it was the right time to make music as one again. How long will that feeling last? Hopefully, forever.

Another thing the CBS late night host wanted to know is what can Joe do better than Nick. That is when the middle brother said he can whistle better than his younger one. Therefore, Mr. Priyanka Chopra decided to show off his whistling skills. It is really sad. So sad, I almost cried. But then, we got to see what the DNCE singer is really good at and that is falling. Which has me falling, falling down in laughter.

If the rumors are true that Demi Lovato might join them, then I want to see her and Joe have a falling down contest because they are music biggest klutzes. Who do you think would win? I think it would be Lovato, hands, butt and everything else down.


Who did Kenny G serenade at night?
February 15th, 2019 under James Corden, Kenny G. [ Comments: none ]

We know Kenny G spent his Valentine’s Day doing a private show for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But how did he spend his Valentine’s Night? He played his saxophone for some other celebrities. This time The Late Late Show with James Corden footed the bill so he could use the musician to serenade Ray Romano, D’Arcy Carden and Lukas Graham. Were they as impressed as KimYe? Nope, but I was.

If you think of it, Kenny G probably made a year’s salary in one day. You know if I were him, I would say screw playing gigs and just do private shows. He would make more money and do less work. Unless the buyers have other ideas for that sax?


BTWF: Matt LeBlanc in Alanis Morissette’s Walk Away
February 13th, 2019 under Alanis Morissette, Before They Were Famous, Friends (cast), James Corden. [ Comments: none ]

Before Alanis Morissette was singing about Dave Coulier, she was singing to Matt LeBlanc in her music video for Walk Away. How cute was the 24-year-old in that 1991 music video?

Want to hear LeBlanc talk about her experience with Alanis, then click here!


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