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[ # ] Jason Momoa spits on James Corden
September 1st, 2022 under James Corden, Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa and James Corden filmed a bit for The Late Late Show, which aired yesterday. Since it was a montage, not everything made it in. For example, here are the two men playing the Tortilla Challenge.

Basically, that means they take a big sip of water, don’t swallow it, and slap the other person across the face with a tortilla. The first person who spits out the water loses.

It seems like this would be an easy assignment for Aquaman. Was it? Nope. As soon as he slapped the late night host, water came out of Corden’s mouth, and then the same happened to Momoa. Except Momoa spit all over Corden.

However, we weren’t focusing on that. We were looking at X marks the spot. How could you not stare at the bullseye?


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