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Jaimie Alexander got into Kelly Ripa’s underwear
September 15th, 2016 under Jaimie Alexander, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Jaimie Alexander was a guest on Live with Kelly yesterday and her boy shorts weren’t causing a Blindspot under her dress. Therefore, the show gave her a pair of Kelly Ripa’s panties to put on. Only problem is the Daytime talk show host is a lot smaller in every way than the NBC action star. so they were very tight. So tight, she could barely breath and move.
No word if Ripa got them back, but sounds like she had to be cut out of them.
Where are those tattoos when she really needs them?


Don’t have a Blindspot for what’s on tonight!
February 29th, 2016 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+, Freeform, Jaimie Alexander, NBC, Smithsonian Channel. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Freeform, Recovery Road picks up where it left off last week. Trish (Kyla Pratt) is in tears because her mother took her daughter and she doesn’t know where they went. Trish called the police and now they are asking her questions to assist with the search. She is inconsolable until Maddie (Jessica Sula) comes up with a solution. Now Trish is opening up to the police officers, but there is something very important she is leaving out. Something so shocking, you will be speechless. So much so, you will not want to wait a week to find out what happens next.
BTW that isn’t the only shocking moment in tonight’s episode that turns out to be a major game changer. So don’t miss a single second of it.

Also at 8p, but on the Smithsonian Channel the new series Major League Legends takes the bat. Each week, they will feature episodes dedicated to baseball greats that everyone knows. Tonight’s episode gives us the backstory of Hank Aaron. He is known as the first African-American to play professional baseball, but how much more do you know about him? With this show you will learn his story and what he went through from his mouth, archived news footage and his fans. It is a history our kids should know about and more importantly we should know about.
Next week, they will feature Babe Ruth, then Ted Williams and finally Lou Gehrig. We know their names, we know their stats, now let’s get to know them.
Major League Legends scores a home run whether you are a fan of the sport or not. If love the game, then this is a must watch and record. If not, you will still say this show came out swinging.

Also debuting tonight, but at 10p on Discovery is Rockin’ Roadsters. When you think of ZZ Top, you think of their music, their beards and their cars. This show is about the latter. Billy Gibbons loves his hot rods and he recruits Jimmy Shine to make his dream cars come true. What does he want to do with it? You will be surprised to find out what this Rocker’s desires are for it.
Together Gibbons and Shine will go looking for an automobile they can customize. Then when they find it, it is up to Shine to Shine. You will watch him convert a piece of junk into the hottest hot rod you’ve ever seen. This show has legs and they know how to use them.

Also at 10p but on NBC, Blindspot is finally back. The episode picks up where it left off and we learn a little more about Jane (Jaimie Alexander) as she learns about herself. But there is only so much we will find out because life goes on and she has to go back to work. Together, they will investigate a case that you can tell was inspired by a story from two years ago that captivated the world. It is interesting take on it and you wonder if that could’ve happened. Got you curious right? Then watch it!


Jaimie Alexander gets her blindspots touched up!
October 22nd, 2015 under Jaimie Alexander, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Jaimie Alexander spends over 7 hours in the makeup chair to get all those tattoos put on her for NBC’s Blindspot. While they last more than a day, they need to be touched up every now and again. Today, she shared a photo of herself getting some much needed maintenance.
As you can see there is no time for shame with her job because she has at least two people working on her naked body at any given time.


It takes Jaimie Alexander over 7 hours to get inked for Blindspot!
September 28th, 2015 under Jaimie Alexander, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, a woman coming out of a duffle bag in Times Square, covered in tattoos and not knowing who she was, captivated us all. Did you know that when Jaimie Alexander filmed that scene for the Blindspot pilot, nearly naked in Manhattan, and it was one of the coldest nights in NYC? That is just one of the ways that Jaimie Alexander suffers for her art on this television show, and she is not complaining about it.
Another way she suffers is that it takes a long time to put all of the tattoos on her. How long? At the TCA NBC Summer Press Day, she told us it takes “about seven-and-a-half hours to apply.” Thankfully, for her, the fake ink can last for several days. Even though we have seen her in full body tats, there are times when they are covered up with clothes and that makes things easier on everyone.
How many tattoos does Jane Doe have on her body? We don’t know, but Executive Producer Martin Gero says that she has about 9-10 years’ worth of stories sprawled all over her. And yes, there are secret tattoos that we don’t know about.
With all that attention to detail on the tattoos, how long have the producers been mapping them out? They started pitching the show just over a year ago and since then they have been working on it. Gero explained how much of a group effort the final product is; he said they talked to, “David Kwong, who is this New York Times puzzle expert and magician…We talked to mapmakers and tattoo artists, obviously, graphic designers.” All of those people to create one person covered in black ink all over her from head to toe.
So as I said, it takes her seven-and-a-half-hours to be made up, but are they drawing all of those designs on her skin? Thankfully, for all involved, they are not. They use a company called Tinsley Transfers, and it works just like those Cracker Jacks ones you used to put on your arm when you were a kid. Just the ones they use are a lot more elaborate.
Now back to Alexander, does she have any tattoos that were not put on her by the makeup artists? She has 9 of them and they are all covered up for the show. She told us about one of them, so keep your eye out for the one on right arm that is the initials of her four brothers.
Now that you know a lot more than you knew about the Blindspot tattoos before you started reading this post; make sure to watch fall’s biggest new show on NBC tonight and every Monday at 10p!


BTWF roles: Jaimie Alexander in Squirrel Trap
September 21st, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Jaimie Alexander. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jaimie Alexander starred in Thor, she was studying Thoreau in Squirrel Trap. She looks the same now as she did when she was 19 in that 2004 movie.


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