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Meanie Ellen DeGeneres scared the lovable Henry Winkler!
May 7th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres, Henry Winkler. [ Comments: none ]

If you asked anyone in Hollywood who is the nicest person, then they will tell you it is Henry Winkler. Having said that, Ellen DeGeneres has not had the legend on her daytime talk show since her first season. After 15 years, he was finally invited back and all he wanted was to be scared like all of her favorite guests. He even scared himself to see how it felt. He liked it. In fact, he liked it so much, he got one for real. Did he sit on it? Nope, he jumped up like he was waterskiing over a shark. She should have had someone in a shark costume scare him, so we could all say he jumped the shark.

Anyways, how did he feel about getting what he wanted? He was so excited. What he was not as excited about was going head to head with geography experts, Nate, 7, and Landon, 6. The two tykes kicked the 73-year-old’s ass from Minnesota to the boot of Italy. Did they not realize he is The Fonz and no one messes with him?

Seriously though, is it possible to watch him and not smile. He is just pure joy. Even when he is losing to two kids who are a 1/10 of his age.


Henry Winkler does The Fonz dance on The Tonight Show
February 6th, 2019 under Henry Winkler, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Henry Winkler was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday and he made quite the entrance. Do you know how The Roots play a song for the guest as they walk over to Jimmy Fallon? Well, for the actor they played Hava Nagila. As soon as he heard the tune, he recreated The Fonz dance he did on Happy Days to it for everyone to enjoy.

He might not have done that dance since the ’70s, but he still has the moves at 73. What is even more amazing is that he did not even break a sweat. Which is why he will always be cool like The Fonz. Or I should say The Fonz is more like Henry Winkler than the opposite way around. Which is why we love him so much. That and he is the nicest guy in Hollywood.

Don’t remember the dance, then click here!


This photo of Henry Winkler will bring you joy!
October 29th, 2018 under Henry Winkler. [ Comments: none ]

It has been a crappy few weeks and we all want something that will bring us happiness. Here it is, Henry Winkler and a penguin. The pure joy in his loving face is what we all need today. Thus, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


BTWF: Henry Winkler in Crazy Joe
September 17th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Henry Winkler. [ Comments: none ]

Before Henry Winkler was a defense attorney on Arrested Development, he really needed one in Crazy Joe. He looks the same now as he did when he was 27 in that 1974 movie.


Happy Days at the Emmys
September 17th, 2018 under Emmys, Henry Winkler. [ Comments: none ]

Forget the whitest song and dance number since Rob Lowe opened the Oscars. Or the flattest monologue since Kevin Spacey hosted the Tonys. The Emmys did not begin until Henry Winkler won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for HBO’s Barry.

The nicest guy in Hollywood finally won his first Primetime Emmy since he was nominated back in 1976 for playing Arthur Fonzarelli on Happy Days. Talking about that show, The Fonz and Richie Cunnigham aka Ron Howard were reunited before the show started. I am happy the Oscar winner got to see his friend bring home the statuette. Who doesn’t love that the two Arrested Development stars are still close friends after all of these years. Oh, I get it now.

To see his acceptance speech, then click here!


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