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Jessica Chastain gets the bob
June 20th, 2018 under Haircut, Jessica Chastain. [ Comments: 1 ]

Jessica Chastain has had the same hairstyle ever since we got to know her, but not anymore. Gone are the waves just past her shoulder and hello is a layered bob.

Now you can tell her apart from Amy Adams, Isla Fisher and Bryce Howard Dallas. Which makes the ginger as hot as her fiery red hair.

What do you think of her new look?

UPDATE: The “summer cut” is for It: Chapter 2 that comes out next September.


Fresh Off the Boat’s Constance Wu is pretty in pink
February 21st, 2018 under Constance Wu, Haircut. [ Comments: none ]

Now that Fresh Off the Boat is on filming hiatus, Constance Wu is fresh out of the salon with a new do. The strict TV mama has gone from black to pink hair, and she no longer looks like she could be a mother to teenagers because he looks like a teenager herself. Are you tickled pink over her new look?


Jorge Garcia cuts off his curls
October 2nd, 2017 under Haircut, Jorge Garcia, Lost. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since we have known Jorge Garcia, he has had long curly hair. From Becker to Lost and now finally Hawaii Five-0. I say finally because the CBS drama did not only cut two of their actors from the show, they also got Jorge Garcia to cut his long locks into a short early Elvis Presley do. With the new hairstyle, he is completely unrecognizable and even sexier than before. Now if only they could get him to shave that beard off, hubba hubba!


Sanaa Lathan shaves her head
September 5th, 2017 under Haircut. [ Comments: none ]

Sanaa Lathan is starring in Nappily Ever After on Netflix and her character goes through a major hair transformation to get back at her boyfriend. As in she shaves her head. Instead of wearing a bald cap, they took a razor to her head and the actress said goodbye to her hair.

Lathan is a beautiful woman with a head full of locks and she is even more gorgeous without them. Not many women can pull it off like her, and she more than pulled it off.


Jaden Smith gets the dreads-ed haircut from his dad
April 12th, 2017 under Haircut, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

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For years, Jaden Smith was able to whip his hair, but not anymore. That’s because the 18 year old is starring in the movie Life in a Year, and the dreads had to go. Instead of going to a barber, he let his father do it. I can’t remember the last time I saw Will Smith smile that bigly and he is always smiling.

Can’t say I blame the dad because they looked awful, kind of like the younger Smith’s acting career. What? Name a good movie he has done. See!


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