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My relationship goal is to be Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
January 7th, 2019 under Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell. [ Comments: none ]

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for 35 years and counting, and they are still the cutest couple in town. Someone bought them a stereo mic and they used it to sing The Beatles’ I Want to Hold Your Hand. While their singing is far from perfect, their love is pitch perfect.

Who does not want to be with someone that you can sing Karaoke with on the couch and laugh at off key you are? Especially to still find that joy after three decades together. That is why they are my relationship goal!


Netflix gave Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn the perfect Christmas card!
December 13th, 2018 under Goldie Hawn. [ Comments: 2 ]

Even though Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have gorgeous children, grandchildren and animals to do the perfect Christmas card with, they did not have to use them this year. That is because Netflix cast the actors as Mrs. and Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles.

During a break from filming that final scene in the movie, they posed for this photo which is the season greetings card we all need this holiday! Can they be any more perfect?

Hopefully, they will dress like that on Christmas morning because I am sure their 6 grandkids would all love that. Although, they might not be up that early because as Hawn said she “Never thought I’d be sleeping with Santa!” Which definitely puts the naughty in Netflix & Chill.


Goldie Hawn is proud of her son, Oliver Hudson’s, penis
May 12th, 2017 under Andy Cohen, Goldie Hawn, Oliver Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Andy Cohen asked Goldie Hawn what her reaction was to her oldest son showing off his butt on Instagram, and she gave the Watch What Happens Live host an answer he was never expecting.

She said that Oliver Hudson makes her laugh and then she shared a story about him when he was just a week old. Goldie’s golden story about her big boy is, “When I had him circumcised, the doctor came out and said, ‘You’ll be happy to know I came out to get a bigger clamp.'” Then she added, “I was thrilled!” I am sure he is thrilled that his mom revealed that not so little tidbit about him. I mean it only get bigger after that, right? Now, I will be checking out his crotch when I ever see photos of him.


BTWF roles: Goldie Hawn on Good Morning, World
May 4th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Goldie Hawn. [ Comments: none ]

Before Goldie Hawn was marching in Private Benjamin, she was dancing on Good Morning, World. Damn could she dance when she was just 21 in that 1967 episode!


Goldie Hawn is a sucker!
June 27th, 2016 under Goldie Hawn. [ Comments: none ]

Goldie Hawn‘s grandson came for a visit and they decided to have fun. The Butterflies are Free star showed us that you are never too old to suck on a pacifier. Especially when you can’t suck on the thing you want to suck on because you grandbaby is there. If you know what I mean!


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