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Oliver Hudson’s singing will not be there for us
May 25th, 2021 under Oliver Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Oliver Hudson wants us to know that he’ll be there for us by singing I’ll Be There For You From Bon Jovi. How did he do? His son, Wilder’s face, says it all. The 13-year-old is used to his dad bursting out in song whenever he wants. Not whenever his family wants him to. Which is probably never.

I really should not knock his singing because I have been belting out that tune ever since I watched his video. There is something about Bon Jovi that makes you want to sing at the top of the lungs. Unfortunately, most of us can’t sing like Jon Bon Jovi.


Oliver Hudson is having a bad morning
March 25th, 2021 under Oliver Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

If someone asked you, what would be a really bad morning for you? You would probably tell them not having any coffee in the house. That is exactly what happened to Oliver Hudson, and he was so excited that he was singing about it.

What do you do in that situation? I say go back into bed until someone brings you a cup. If no one does, then just stay under the sheets forever.


Oliver Hudson posts the saddest video
March 15th, 2021 under Oliver Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Oliver Hudson likes to share funny videos on Instagram. However, on Saturday, he posted a video that made me cry. He sang Eric Carmen’s All By Myself (one of the saddest songs ever written) alone in his bed. When he hit and kept the high note, I turned into a blubbering idiot. Are you crying too?

Seriously, I don’t know why Oliver doesn’t do a variety show with his family. I mean, his mom, Goldie Hawn, was on Laugh-In and his dad, Bill Hudson, had one with his brothers. It seems logical for him to do one with his mom, Kurt Russell, and sister, Kate Hudson. Would you watch it?


Oliver Hudson has the best reaction to not getting a Golden Globes nom
February 4th, 2021 under Oliver Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Oliver Hudson’s mom Goldie Hawn has won a Golden Globe. His father, Kurt Russell, has been nominated. So has Kate Hudson, who also won one. His sister even got another nomination yesterday.

However, Oliver has never received either. Therefore, how did he feel yesterday when once again, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association ignored his massive talent. He did all he could do. He went into his bathroom and cried all by himself.

One day, it will happen for him. I think.


Oliver Hudson’s great workout for your glutes!
January 19th, 2021 under Oliver Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Kate Hudson sells workout clothes, and now her brother is sharing exercise videos. You, too can do a Quick Workout with Oliver Hudson.

You will really feel it in your abdominal and butt muscles. Not because of the exercises you do with him. It is because you will be laughing so hard. Therefore, you will laugh your a$$ off.


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