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Gilbert Gottfried makes a funny about Robin Thicke’s wife!
February 25th, 2014 under Alan and Robin Thicke, Gilbert Gottfried. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, Gilbert Gottfried was on Celebrity Wife Swap and he swapped spouses with Alan Thicke. Since the comedian stayed in his own home, I guess he didn’t get to see any pictures of Alan’s son Robin with his wife, Paula Patton. That is until yesterday, when it was announced that the younger Thicke was separating and there were photos of the former couple all over the place. Now that the former voice of Aflac knows what she looks like, he wishes he switched with the next generation of Thickes instead of the original one. I bet Gottfried’s wife feels the same way!
BTW ABC, when are we going to get a new season of Celebrity Wife Swap because that is the best reality show you have on your network?


Gilbert Gottfried does a mean Jerry Seinfeld!
October 15th, 2012 under Gilbert Gottfried. [ Comments: none ]

Gilbert Gottfried was on Howard Stern’s radio show and the shock jock asked him about his early comedy days with Jerry Seinfeld. So the former voice of the Aflac duck did his best Seinfeld impression and I was shocked by how spot on it is. I just thought that Gottfried could only do one voice and that was his high-pitched nasally one. Who knew he also did impressions? I wonder who else he can do?


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