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Did Gilbert Gottfried just kill Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage?
April 16th, 2020 under Gilbert Gottfried. [ Comments: none ]


Here is me performing “Savage”! Comment any other popular song you guys want me to do ⚡️##fyp ##savage ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fy ##foru ##forupage ##tiktok

♬ original sound – realgilbertgottfried

I don’t know about you, but I get sucked down the TikTok rabbit hole multiple times a day. If there is one thing that pisses me off about, it is how many times I hear Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage and Drake’s Flip the Switch. It is like if I hear those tunes one more time, I am going back to Instagram.

If only there was a way to make one of those songs go away? Gilbert Gottfried found that way. He decided to sing Savage, and it fierce, like him. Fierce is not the right word; it is ferocious. Like a lion, I think he scared that single down a rabbit hole, and it will never be heard from again.

At least for me, it will never be the same. I think it actually got worse. Who knew that was possible? But obviously it is.


BTWF roles: Gilbert Gottfried on The Cosby Show
July 11th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Bill Cosby, Gilbert Gottfried. [ Comments: none ]

Before Gilbert Gottfried was doing Bill Cosby impressions as part of his act, he guest starred on The Cosby Show. How funny was the 31 year old in that 1987 episode?


Is Gilbert Gittfried in trouble with the law?
July 14th, 2015 under Gilbert Gottfried. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Gilbert Gottfried‘s mouth has gotten him in trouble with some past employers, but has it now gotten him in trouble with the law? The comedian was photographed coming out of a police van, so was he arrested? Nope, his only crime is that he is cheap and he didn’t want to spend the money on a cab. Can you blame him, they nickle and dime for everything in NYC.


What did Gilbert Gottfried do to Josh Groban’s blowup doll?
June 23rd, 2015 under Gilbert Gottfried, Josh Groban. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Groban invited Gilbert Gottfried over to his apartment to record a guest appearance on the comedian’s podcast, and the singer quickly learned that was a mistake. Gottfried found one of Groban’s many blowup dolls, and he had his way with it. The reindeer will never be the same.
When it comes to Groban’s expression, c’mon you knew he was quack. I mean, he was the voice of the Aflac duck for many years.
When it cums to Gilbert’s expression, I am not sure if he is squinting because he is done with Rudolph’s other red body part or if that is just him. You know, because he is always squinting. Why do you think he is squinting?


Do Gilbert Gottfried & Weird Al Yankovic have something to tell us?
October 1st, 2014 under Do they have something to tell us?, Gilbert Gottfried, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Gilbert Gottfried Tweeted this photo of Weird Al Yankovic and him in a sweet embrace, and I have to wonder if they have something to tell us? Normally, I would say it is just the two funny men having some fun, but Gilbert hinted to something more in the caption. He wrote, “My account was hacked, exposing my sexy pictures with Weird Al Yankovic. @alyankovic”. About time we started getting some male action in this Fappening scandal, and this is a great start!


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