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Lucky Charms is selling pouches of marshmallows
August 26th, 2020 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

Lucky Charms/Instagram

Are you like me and only buy Lucky Charms for their hard marshmallows? Well, coming in a few weeks, you will not have to buy the cereal in order to get the sugary charms. That is because they will be selling pouches of Just Magical Marshmallows for $3.99 in stores for a limited time.

Hopefully, if enough of us buy it, it will go from limited to permanent.


Dunkin Donuts gets into the beer business
August 25th, 2020 under Fast Food. [ Comments: 2 ]

We know that Dunkin Donuts makes good coffee, but will their coffee and donuts make a good beer? That is going to be something we find out.

They have teamed up with Harpoon Brewery to release three beers that are infused with the taste of their donuts and coffee. Starting next month Harpoon Dunkin’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ale, Boston Kreme Stout, and Jelly Donut IPA will join Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter on the shelves.

Part of me thinks that sounds disgusting. However, the other part of me is like I have to try that now. I am a cider girl, so the jelly donut sounds so delicious to me. Which one do you want to try first?

To read a description of all of the flavors, then click here!


There is a new Girl Scouts cookie flavor coming in 2021
August 18th, 2020 under Fast Food. [ Comments: 1 ]

Are you the type of person who gets all excited for Girl Scouts cookie season? Well, you have another reason to be excited, because they have a new flavor joining Thin Mints and Samoas. Coming in January, you can try the French toast–inspired Toast-Yay cookie. They taste like french toast and they are dipped in frosting to make it even sweeter. That makes it even harder to say no to them,

However, we will not be able to say no to the girls in front of our local supermarkets or dispensaries. That is because they will be doing virtual cookie booths for 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, when you go shopping on Amazon, Etsy, or Chewy, they will pop up offering you their sugar addicition. Just joking.

They actually will be on social media. Therefore, if you don’t want to be bombarded with their hard sell, unfollow all of the parents you know whose kids are girl scouts.


This McDonald’s secret is a game changer!
August 14th, 2020 under Fast Food. [ Comments: 4 ]

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents took you to McDonald’s. You were so excited to get a Happy Meal? Don’t you wish you could get one now? But you are like, I am an adult, and I can’t. Well, you can. McDonald’s revealed today that old people can get them too.

Happy Meals are not just for kids anymore! Guess where I am going for dinner? Except, I will probably have to get two because I am twice as big!


Fall is coming to Dunkin’ on August 19th
August 12th, 2020 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]


Do you know how you laugh at Californians and Floridians because we tell what season it is by the flavored drinks stores sell? Pumpkin drinks means it is fall, and peppermint means winter.

Well, this year, we are all living Groundhog’s Day. Therefore, we don’t know what day it is, let alone what season. If you go into Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts) after August 19th, then you will know it is fall. That is because that is when they are going to start selling Signature Pumpkin Spice Latte, Chai Latte, Pumpkin Flavored Coffees, Apple Cider Donut and MUNCHKINS® Donut Hole Treats, and Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

Not everything is fall related, they are also adding yummy new treats to their menu like Steak & Cheese Rollups and Maple Sugar Seasoned Snackin’ Bacon.

Maybe 2020 isn’t all bad. Things are blooming in the fall. That is what trees do in the fall, right? Hey, I have spent over half my life in Florida and California, I haven’t know what seasons are since I was 18. That is why I look forward to treats like this.

To read descriptions of all of the delicious things comin’ to Dunkin’ in a week, then click here!


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