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I so love Bruno, and Eminem so hates him!!!
May 31st, 2009 under Eminem, Sacha Baron Cohen. [ Comments: none ]

via Dlisted
I opted to skip the MTV Movies Awards because for the last few years they have been extremely unfunny and the only funny part winds up on the net and this year once again did(n’t) disappoint!!! Sacha Baron Cohen aka Bruno came out just like Howard Stern did in 1992 bare butt and all and instead of landing on the stage like him, he landed with his face in Enimen’s crotch and Bruno’s burnt bleached butt in his face. While some are saying that Em’s reaction is fake, that is the Real Slim Shady’s ire over the situation. I think that MTV and Bruno planned the landing perfectly and I don’t think Em knew it was going to happen because if he did know no way in 8 Mile shot in hell would he have agreed to it. I guess we know one person who won’t be seeing Bruno this summer, not that it seems like he even knew who he was before he got to know him so intimately well.
BTW here is the infamous Howard Stern clip from 1992…


This video proves Eminem is no longer relevant
April 7th, 2009 under Eminem, Music. [ Comments: 6 ]

Remember the days when Eminem was groundbreaking? Well in his first video since coming out of retirement, he pokes fun at people that are so last year. Sarah Palin? And two of the couples in the video aren’t even dating anymore…Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer and Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. That video so has sell out written all over it.
BTW it took me all day to figure out what song it sounds like the girls are singing in We Made You and I have narrowed it down to something from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Once More Feeling with episode. Am I right?


Retro: Who knew Eminem could be funny?
December 22nd, 2007 under Eminem, Jimmy Kimmel, Retro. [ Comments: none ]

So now that Jimmy Kimmel is coming back on January 2nd, I decided to check his tickets page to see who was coming up on the show. Although there is not much listed for who was going to be on on upcoming shows what I found was even better. Can you believe that is Eminem is that funny?


Michael Jackson owns Eminem
May 31st, 2007 under Eminem, Michael Jackson. [ Comments: 1 ]

According to NME Michael Jackson bought a stake of Eminem’s back catalog. Jackson gave this statement on the purchase, “This is a milestone event for Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The diverse collection of songs in this catalogue range from timeless classics to contemporary hits, and I am pleased to add the acquisition of Famous Music to Sony/ ATV.” He also owns music from The Beatles, Shakira, Beck and Bjork. I wonder if he bought Eminem’s catalog because he parodied him in Without Me, a song Michael Jackson now owns?
And BTW where did he get the money to buy the catalog, I thought he was broke?


Buy the shirt Eminem and D-12 wore to Proof’s funeral
June 27th, 2006 under Eminem, Music. [ Comments: none ]

EMINEM and his fellow D-12 rappers have licensed a production run of the T-shirts they wore to slain bandmate PROOF’s funeral to raise money for his family.
Proof – real name DESHAUN HOLTON – was shot dead in a Detroit, Michigan, nightclub in April (06) after he reportedly opened fire on a bouncer at the CCC venue.
Close friend Eminem paid his respects during an emotionally charged service claiming, "Without Proof, there would be no Eminem, no Slim Shady." He is now urging fans who also wish to commemorate Proof’s life to wear the same Big Proof Forever T-shirt he sported at the ceremony, and buy a limited edition poster at


There just seems to be something wrong with this? 


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