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When Wonder Years met Wonder Years
October 6th, 2021 under Dulé Hill. [ Comments: none ]

Dulé Hill is playing the patriarch on the reimagining of The Wonder Years that airs Wednesdays at 8:30p on ABC. It is a role I think he was born to play. It is his best role yet, but I have never seen The West Wing.

Anyways, the other day he went out to breakfast, and there was a familiar face at the restaurant. Josh Saviano, who played Paul on the original series, was there breaking bread with a colleague.

Josh Saviano looks over at the table next to him, and he sees Hill. So, of course, the men started to talk about being involved on the same but different show.

After their meeting, they were both happy to meet each other and shared this sweet photo.

Hopefully, ABC can find a way to incorporate Saviano onto the show. Maybe he can play Hill’s new fishing buddy, and they talk about bridging the gap in race relations?

If they can make that happen, he would not be the first person from the original series to be part of the new one. Fred Savage directed at least two episodes, including the pilot.


BTWF: Dulé Hill on All My Children
September 29th, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Dulé Hill. [ Comments: none ]

Before Dulé Hill was the patriarch of a loving family on The Wonder Years, he ran away from home on All My Children. He looks the same now as he did when he was 20 in that 1995 episode.


Dulé Hill and his Wonder Years’ son teach the other how to dance
September 29th, 2021 under Dulé Hill. [ Comments: none ]

A week ago, we fell in love with The Wonder Years on ABC. A big reason why is that we were captivated by the bond between the father and his son. It turns out that Dulé Hill is creating a bond between the two of them even when the cameras are not rolling.

Hill is an experienced tap dancer, so he wants Elisha Williams to follow in his footsteps, or should I say dance steps. So far, the student is picking up tap without a problem. However, when it comes to the Moonwalk, that is going to need a lot of work. Thankfully, I think the show will be around for a while, so I think he will have plenty of time to perfect the iconic Michael Jackson move.

While Hill is teaching his TV son tap, Williams is teaching his TV dad how to do The Floss. To see if the teacher is a good student, then click here!


Dulé Hill reveals he had COVID-19
December 25th, 2020 under Dulé Hill. [ Comments: none ]

Dulé Hill has been silent on social media for a few weeks. Now, we know what was on tap for him.

“I’m a little late because IG, 2 weeks ago, #covid caught me. Thankfully, I quarantined for the last ten days and recovered. And thankfully, no one else in my family contracted it, 🙏🏾” the actor wrote. “Thank you to the beautiful @jazmynsimon for the 🎥 assist and for always taking such good care of me, especially during this covid recovery time. ❤️🔒❤️”

Glad he is doing better and back to doing what he loves, being with his family and tap dancing.


West Wing gets a special benefit episode on HBO Max
August 25th, 2020 under Dulé Hill, HBO Max, Rob Lowe. [ Comments: none ]

While we are still waiting for the Friends unscripted reunion to happen on HBO Max, the streaming service announced that they are staging another reunion. The cast of West Wing will reunite to reenact the Hartsfield’s Landing episode.

The 2002 episode is described as, “Bartlet engages both Sam and Toby in intricate chess matches that mirror the wily game of brinkmanship that Bartlet is playing with the Chinese, who are conducting war games in the Taiwan Strait.”

Aaron Sorkin, who created the legendary series, will direct Rob Lowe, Dulé Hill, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford, and Martin Sheen. They will film it over a few days as the actors perform the script at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles in early October.

The press release does not say when it will start streaming, but it will be before the election. That is because the performance is benefitting Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote. The nonprofit wants to inspire increased voting participation.

I would not be surprised that if this does well, the series we might get a West Wing revival. One of them could be the President of the United States now. Who do you think would have the job?


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