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[ # ] When Wonder Years met Wonder Years
October 6th, 2021 under Dulé Hill

Dulé Hill is playing the patriarch on the reimagining of The Wonder Years that airs Wednesdays at 8:30p on ABC. It is a role I think he was born to play. It is his best role yet, but I have never seen The West Wing.

Anyways, the other day he went out to breakfast, and there was a familiar face at the restaurant. Josh Saviano, who played Paul on the original series, was there breaking bread with a colleague.

Josh Saviano looks over at the table next to him, and he sees Hill. So, of course, the men started to talk about being involved on the same but different show.

After their meeting, they were both happy to meet each other and shared this sweet photo.

Hopefully, ABC can find a way to incorporate Saviano onto the show. Maybe he can play Hill’s new fishing buddy, and they talk about bridging the gap in race relations?

If they can make that happen, he would not be the first person from the original series to be part of the new one. Fred Savage directed at least two episodes, including the pilot.


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