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Jennifer Hudson bashes Idol, praises Beyonce
February 19th, 2007 under Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Hudson has won Golden Globe and SAG awards – and is up for an Oscar – for her role in Dreamgirls – despite what she describes as an abusive experience on American Idol. "On American Idol, you go through this mental thing; you’ve got to get yourself back together. You’ve been abused, misled and brainwashed to believe whatever they want you to think," Hudson, 25, tells the new issue of Essence. "You become a character – I became the girl in the turkey wrapping." (On one episode, she wore an unflattering outfit that earned that label.) "I just knew I had to sing my way out of it. I don’t believe in looking back, and I didn’t look back." Hudson also dismisses rumors that there was tension on the Dreamgirls set between herself and costar Beyoncé Knowles. "We clicked from day one," she says. She says she, Knowles and their fellow Dreamgirl Anika Noni Rose bonded over the fact that they’re all Virgos, and all have a mole in the same spot on the left side of their necks. "It’s amazing to me that God took three different women from three different walks of life and created the Dreamgirls," Hudson says. "We were meant to be together. When you look at us, you see it’s all connected. I’m loving Beyoncé."


How long do you think it will take for her to say she was misquoted and that she loved her experience on American Idol. Seriously if she wasn’t on the show she be still be at home doing some lame a$$ job and not be an Award winning actress nominated for an Oscar. 


Beyonce’ might go without any Oscar nom?
January 2nd, 2007 under Beyonce, Dreamgirls, Oscars. [ Comments: none ]

You can not only forget about Beyonce Knowles winning an Oscar for best actress this year. Now it looks like Beyonce won’t win as a songwriter either — for "Listen," one of the original new tunes added to the original Broadway score. Officially, she’s listed as one of the song’s four writers, but the motion-picture academy only permits three names — max — as a credit. To see the specific language of its Rule 16 — CLICK HERE! The Oscars’ songwriting branch has decided to qualify Henry Krieger, Anne Preven and Scott Cutler. No explanation is given for why Beyonce is excluded over the others. Is this just one of those cases of where the singer insisted upon having her name added to credits as part of her performance deal? Beyonce says "No!" In media interviews, she’s often said that she was truly involved in its songwriting. Apparently, not to the extent as her three collaborators.

The Envelope 

G-d I would hate to be her people and the movie people right now because you know her dad is ripping them a new one.


Is Beyonce’s dad trying to ruin Jennifer Hudson’s career because she didn’t sign with him?
December 15th, 2006 under Beyonce, Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

The supposed rift between Beyoncé Knowles and her Dreamgirls costar, Jennifer Hudson, may have been greatly exaggerated. Rumors have been swirling that Beyoncé is miffed because Hudson is the movie’s obvious breakout star for her role as powerhouse vocalist Effie White. But sources told me today that Beyoncé has always known Effie was a showier role than Beyoncé’s own soft-spoken Deena Jones. "Beyoncé is a confident girl," a pal tells me. "She doesn’t get jealous of people." So, where did these rumors get started? It sounds like Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles, may be to blame. I’m told things soured between the Knowles family and Ms. Hudson because Daddy Knowles tried unsuccessfully to woo the former American Idol contestant as a client to his Houston-based Music World Entertainment management company. "He tried to sign her halfway through production of Dreamgirls because he wanted to be her manager," my source says, "but Jennifer turned him down. That’s when things really went south." Although Hudson already had management during this time, a source tells me Matthew has recently told some people he’s actually been managing her "for a while now." "He walks around saying he’s her manager, and everyone is like, ‘No, you’re not,’ " a source says. In other words, it doesn’t look like Beyoncé has a problem with Hudson getting so much of the Dreamgirls attention. It looks like it’s Daddy’s bruised ego that’s causing the ruckus. I’m told that Daddy was so insulted by her refusal to sign with him that he demanded the movie be re-edited to lessen Hudson’s screen time and boost Beyoncé’s. He argued that his daughter was being shortchanged but was rebuffed by the studio and the filmmakers. In one meeting with director Bill Condon, I’m told, Beyoncé’s mom, Tina, went into a "tirade" about how he ruined the movie for her daughter. "It was supposed to be her Oscar role," Tina hissed, according to a source. Matthew and Tina Knowles did not return calls by deadline. As for Beyoncé and Hudson, a source close to Dreamgirls says they get along just fine. "It’s the dad," the source said. "He’s just like Curtis, Jamie Foxx’s character in Dreamgirls." All the drama aside, today was a good day to be a Dreamgirl. The movie nabbed five Golden Globes nominations. Two for Beyoncé, one apiece for Hudson and Eddie Murphy and another for Best Picture in the musical or comedy category.

Planet Gossip

Is it just me or does that sound like something he would do?


At least Fantasia admits she is jealous of Jennifer Hudson’s Dreamgirls role
December 7th, 2006 under American Idol 1-5, Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

AMERICAN IDOL winner FANTASIA BARRINO was devastated when fellow talent show contestant JENNIFER HUDSON beat her to the part of EFFIE WHITE in the forthcoming DREAMGIRLS movie. Barrino, who beat Hudson in the 2004 season of the televised music contest, auditioned for the role of the troubled sixties singer, but lost out to Hudson. She says, "I was a little hurt. I remember calling Jennifer. She picked up the phone and I said, ‘Heifer, you took my part.’"

Contact Music 

I wonder if Jennifer Hudson called Fantasia after she won American Idol and called her to say heifer, you took my title? Thank G-d Hudson got the role because after seeing Fantasia in her own biopic on Lifetime, she never would have been able to handle it.


Jennifer Hudson responds to the Dallas Voice article
December 6th, 2006 under Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Current mood: depressed

It should be a happy day because I heard that the National Board of Review picked me as one of the BreakThru Actresses of the Year.  What an honor.  I was so thrilled when I heard.  But it turned into a sad day and I can’t understand why or how this happened.  When you are up, people try to tear you down.  Some paper is saying that I have a problem with gay people.  Its just mean and wrong.  My feelings are so hurt and I can’t sleep.  Anybody that knows me, knows that just ain’t true.  Its makes me so mad that people can twist your words and say anything they want. And, there’s nothing I can do about it, except to say,
please don’t believe everything you read.

Jennifer Hudson’s MySpace (Thanks Tazz!)

I am glad she responded so quickly and so well before too much damage could be done.  


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