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Which Real Housewives’ husband wrote this script?
February 8th, 2024 under Denise Richards, Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

We know what the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Atlanta are going to be doing on March 9th. They are going to tune in to watch their ex-friends Denise Richards and NeNe Leakes get hunted down on an island in Lifetime’s Hunting Housewives.

In Hunting Housewives, four friends Karla Dodds (Richards), Rebel Carron-Whitman (Leakes), Joli Symons (Kym Johnson Herjavec), and Sharell Bouvier (Melyssa Ford) head for a much-needed spa retreat weekend away from their husbands, children and busy schedules when suddenly they find themselves downed in a plane crash. With no knowledge of basic survival, the housewives must use their wits and whatever is in their designer bags to try to survive in the rugged wilds. When they realize they are not alone, even frenemies must align to outwit their hunters.

Will you be watching, or will you be watching repeats of Real Housewives instead?


Khloé Kardashian or Denise Richards?
January 24th, 2024 under Denise Richards, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

So, I follow Denise Richards and Khloé Kardashian on Instagram. And when I am scrolling through the pictures, I don’t always read the names.

Therefore, when I saw this photo, I thought it was Real Housewife. But, I thought to myself, why is she wearing so many clothes? Then I kept swiping through the photos, and I was like, that is Khloé.

Now, I am wondering if they went to the same plastic surgeon because they look so much alike.

But then again, Khloé is always looking like someone else, like Kelly Ripa, Lindsay Lohan, and Blake Lively.


BTWF: Denise Richards on Seinfeld
July 13th, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Denise Richards, Seinfeld. [ Comments: none ]

Before Denise Richards was charging people to look at her boobs on Only Fans, George Costanza got to look at her cleavage for free on Seinfeld. She looks the same now as she did when she was 21 in that 1993 episode.


Is Denise Richards really 51?
July 18th, 2022 under Are they really their age?, Denise Richards. [ Comments: none ]

Denise Richards’ eldest daughter Sami joined OnlyFans, and the actress followed suit. Although I am assuming that neither one of them wears a suit when they are on the site. Actually, they do wear a suit, a birthday suit.

And above is Richards in a bathing suit as she prepares to make her fans happy. And I am sure they will be excited to see the Wild Things star look as drop dead gorgeous now as when she did that film Tammy and the T-Rex. Which film did you think I was going to say?

Serious time. Can you believe that she is 51 years old because she looks as young as her teenage daughters!


Denise Richards reveals the secret to her toned tush
September 8th, 2021 under Denise Richards. [ Comments: none ]

Denise Richards might be 50 years old, but she doesn’t look it. She has the face and the body of a woman half her age. Today, she revealed her secret to having such a tight tush.

Does she do squats? Yoga? Pilates? Jazzercise? Nope, she uses the Emsculpt Neo. The powerful machine gives you the equivalent of 20,000 squats. All while lying down.

I don’t know about you, but this is an exercise I can get behind. No pun intended.

Oh, and she says she also used it on her stomach.

No sit-ups. No squats. Technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it makes you beautiful.


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