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David Spade says he was offered Late Night before Conan O’Brien
November 5th, 2015 under David Spade. [ Comments: none ]

It has been over 20 years since Conan O’Brien took over Late Night from David Letterman, and now David Spade claims he was offered the the job first. While sitting down with The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Joe Dirt revealed that Lorne Michaels offered him the hosting job when he was still on Saturday Night Live, but he turned it down. At the time, Spade was still young and wanted to do a sitcom and not get tied down to late night show. He felt, “That might be it for me, I’ll just be a talk show guy.” Even though he said no, he says he was still offered $2 million a year to change his mind. As we know he didn’t.
I guess Spade was right. If you look at all the other talk show hosts of the time, they all spent over 20 years in their seats. Even though he was right, I think I would’ve gotten in to late night earlier had he taken over Late Night. Although, that means we would not have Conan and I think he’s the best late night host on television today. So it’s a toss up for me, what do you think of his reveal.


David Spade does a Britt McHenry!
April 22nd, 2015 under David Spade, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Everyone has seen or at least heard about ESPN repoter Britt McHenry’s rant against a tow truck worker and turns out she wasn’t the first star to do this. Funny Or Die has uncovered video of David Spade doing the same thing and he really is Joe Dirt. Who knew? He used to be known as one of the nicest men in Hollywood, guess it was just a rumor. Sad.
BTW watch the video all the way through for a very believable ending to this tale.


Dennis Quaid’s rage continues?
April 15th, 2015 under David Spade, Dennis Quaid, Seth Green. [ Comments: none ]

Just days after a video surfaced of Dennis Quaid losing his temper on the set of a movie, the actor was seen holding Seth Green in a chokehold. The red headed actor explained what happened, “Said the wrong thing to Dennis Quaid, saw the business end of his powerful arms while @DavidSpade tried to intervene.”
What Green said to him, we don’t know. Maybe he called him Dopey the Dick? What do you think he could’ve said to him to garner that reaction?

UPDATE: Funny Or Die revealed that they were behind the Dennis Quaid meltdown and here is the full video. It is a lot funnier when you see the whole thing play out.


David Spade and his Joe Dirt mullet are back!
October 10th, 2014 under David Spade. [ Comments: 1 ]

Crackle announced today that David Spade and Fred Wolf are re-teaming to finally bring us another Joe Dirt movie. Joe Dirt 2 has been 13 years in the making and it will be the first made-for-digital sequel to a major motion picture.
Fans of the cult classic will be happy to know that it picks up where the first one left off. On that note when Spade was asked how he felt about doing it, he said, “I’ve been sleeping in this wig for years and it will be nice to wear it in the daytime again.” So in short, you can part a mullet from a man, but you can’t part a man from his mullet.
You also can’t part fans from Joe Dirt and that is why we are finally getting this much desired follow-up.
Now that we are getting sequels to movies online, which fan favorite should be next?


A Just Shoot Me reunion on The Goldbergs
August 12th, 2014 under David Spade, The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

Just Shoot Me’s Jack Gallo and Dennis Finch aka George Segal and David Spade are reunited for an upcoming episode of The Goldbergs. Seeing the boss and his employee together again brings as big of a smile to my face as when I found out the modern day ’80s sitcom is coming back for a second season.
On that note the season premiere for last year’s best show is September 24th, so mark your calendars not only for the show but also for this reunion.


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