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Danny DeVito with a full head of hair
June 18th, 2018 under Danny DeVito. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Kaitlin Olson (@kaitlinolson) on

Ever since we got to know Danny DeVito on Taxi, he has been follicly challenged. But not anymore because Kaitlin Olson shared a video of him with a full head of hair on the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Granted it was only temporary.

Personally, I like him with or without hair because he has a great personality that has wowed me since I was a little kid. How do you prefer him?


Danny DeVito took a cutout of the girl to work who took one of him to the prom
June 5th, 2018 under Danny DeVito. [ Comments: none ]

I do not know if you heard but last month Allison Cross took a cardboard copy of Danny DeVito with her as her date to the prom. The story was such a hoot that it got national attention, and the news got all the way to the star himself.

Yesterday, he decided to honor her by bringing a lifesize cardboard cutout of her to the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and show her off to the cast including Rob McElhenney.

How did the wannabe filmmaker, who thinks of Frank as her idol, feel about it? She wrote, “Thank you SO, SO MUCH @RMcElhenney and @DannyDeVito for fulfilling my dream of visiting Paddy’s Pub from @alwayssunny !! 🤩” Looks like it is a match made in Kinko’s heaven.

If you want to hear why she took him to her prom, then click here!


Rob McElhenney shares an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia spoiler
May 7th, 2018 under Danny DeVito, FX. [ Comments: none ]

After what seems like forever, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is finally back in production. Only thing is, someone is missing from the photo that Ron McElhenney posted. That person is Glenn Howerton, who has said that he will not be back as Dennis. Looks like we can confirm that is true because he is not on the party bus with the gang as they go to the Super Bowl. Can you imagine what type of trouble they are going to get in to there? Now that you have, you know it is going to be worse, much much worse than that. Which is why we love them so much.


Danny DeVito asks strangers, ‘Do you want eat to me?’
January 29th, 2018 under Ads, Danny DeVito. [ Comments: 1 ]

Danny DeVito is so lovable that you just want to eat him up. Which is just one of the reasons why his casting as the red M&M is beyond perfect. The other is he is shaped like the candy which is why we love him so much. He just melts in your mouth and not in your hands. Wait! Must stop before I go to a place I can never come back from.

Anyways, this commercial will be seen during this Sunday’s Super Bowl and I think we can all agree this will be on the best advertisements of the night. I mean, I know it brought a huge smile to my face, but then again I have had a crush on him since the first time I saw him as Louie DePalma on Taxi.

Plus, he made all of my sweet dreams come true in the below teaser. I so want to swim in a chocolate pool with him or any one or by myself. Mostly by myself because I don’t want to share all of that gooey chocolate!


Danny DeVito gave Barack Obama both of his balls to eat!
May 10th, 2017 under Danny DeVito, Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

Danny DeVito recently made his Broadway debut in The Price. Not only did he get a Tony nomination for his performance, he also got some special people to see him starring it in. Louie DePalma told Seth Meyers on Late Night yesterday that Barack Obama and Malia attended one of the show’s previews. During the intermission, the actor went into the room where the former President and his daughter were sitting and offered them each a nut ball. Since Malia is allergic to nuts, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star told the NBC host, “I gave him both balls!” No word if Obama put his nuts in his mouth.

And talking about the Twins’ star’s balls, I can’t stop picturing them bouncing as he jumps up and down naked on the mini-trampoline as he preps to go on stage. That image will forever be stuck in my head and now it is stuck in yours. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Look at those nut balls bounce.


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