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Anna Camp reveals she had COVID-19 and we need to take it seriously
July 22nd, 2020 under Coronavirus. [ Comments: 1 ]

Anna Camp/Instagram

Anna Camp let her guard down just one time by not wearing a mask in public, and she says she is still paying the price for that mistake. The Perfect Harmony actress revealed that she tested positive for coronavirus, and she is still feeling the effects from the virus even though she is negative.

Hi friends… I felt it was my responsibility to share that I ended up getting Covid-19. I have since tested negative, but I was extremely sick for over three weeks and still have lingering symptoms. I was incredibly safe. I wore a mask. I used hand sanitizer. One time, when the world was starting to open up, I decided to forgo wearing my mask in public. One. Time. And I ended up getting it. I believe it may have been because of that one time. People are saying it’s like having the flu, but I’ve had the flu, and this is absolutely not that. The panic of contracting a virus that is basically untreatable and is so new that no one knows the long term irreparable damage it does to your immune system is unbelievably stressful. Completely losing my sense of smell and taste without knowing when or even if they will return is extremely disorienting. I’m only smelling about 30 percent of how I used to now. Other persistent symptoms are (a month later) dizziness, extreme fatigue, impacted sinuses, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and fever. I’m lucky. Because I didn’t die. But people are. Please wear ur mask. It can happen any time. And it can happen to anyone. Even that one time you feel safe. We can all make a difference. Wearing a mask is saving lives. Thank you to everyone who reached out to check on me during this scary time. Please be safe out there. Let’s all do our part and wear a mask. I don’t want any of you to go through what I did. Even though it’s a little thing, it can have a huge impact, and it’s so incredibly easy to do❤️

Anyone I know who has had COVID-19 has said to me, “You don’t want this.” Therefore, you should put on a mask, wash her hands, social distance, and avoid going out as much as possible. It is a small sacrifice, but you want to go through all she went through for over three weeks and counting. The flu takes us out of commission for two weeks. I have known people who are still feeling like 💩, even though they were diagnosed with it over two months ago.

Coronavirus doesn’t care how old you are, who you vote for, where you live, which Gd you believe in, all it cares about is getting you sick.

So make sure you are pitch perfect when it comes to wearing a mask. You don’t want to regret your decision for not wearing one, do you?


Jack Black says to be a hero and wear a mask
July 17th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Jack Black. [ Comments: none ]

Scientists have concluded that if we all wear a mask, we can greatly slow the spread of COVID-19. However, there are a lot of Covidiots who refuse to wear one. Jack Black has a message for all of them.

Since words alone don’t seem to be getting through to them, he made a little video to get the message across. He says he wants you to be a hero and wear a mask. Not over your eyes, but your nose and mouth. Look at how much sexier he got when he put it on. I love a man in a mask over the lower half of his face. Hubba, hubba.

Please wear a mask. Do you want to be responsible for giving someone coronavirus, and them dying from it? It is not all about you when it comes to wearing one; it is about everyone else. We are all in this together. Or we should be.


Things are not coming up roses in Pasadena this New Year’s
July 15th, 2020 under Coronavirus. [ Comments: none ]

Just when you thought that 2021 would be a better year, KCBS is reporting that the evil coronavirus took another victim. The sweet-smelling Tournament of Roses Parade will not be happening on New Year’s Day.

Bob Miller, 2021 President of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association, said in a statement. “Obviously this is not what any of us wanted, and we held off on announcing until we were absolutely sure that safety restrictions would prevent us from continuing with planning for 132nd Rose Parade.”

This is the first time it has been canceled since 1945.

When it comes to the Rose Bowl game, as of now, it is still a go. That is if college football goes on. Maybe I can finally see my Canes play here in Los Angeles.

On a positive note, at least millions of rose petals will not be sacrificed for the parade! Since there will be such an influx of them, maybe some man will finally buy me some. I need a dozen to make me feel better.


I guess, Great White feels they didn’t kill enough people in 2003
July 12th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Unadmirable People. [ Comments: none ]

Back on February 20, 2003, Great White played a concert in Rhode Island that left 100 people dead and injuring 230 others when their pyrotechnics set the small bar they were in to go up in flames in just seconds.

You would think they would have broken up after that, and promised they would never perform live again. I mean a normal band with any form of a heart would feel guilty about accidentally murdering 100 people, including one of the members of their band. I assumed that is what happened because we have not heard from them since.

Well, now we are hearing about the assholes again, and I guess they like killing their fans. That is because they played a concert in North Dakota with no restrictions during a pandemic. That means no masks, no social distancing, and alcohol, spitting on each other when they sing. Since their fans are older (because who has heard of them since 2003, and they haven’t had a hit since the ’80s), it puts them at higher risk from complications from COVID-19.

In 2003, they didn’t know they were sending 100 people to their deaths. This time, they do. So I say them FUCK YOU AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL.

Blabbermouth got their hands on the mother fuckers’ apologies, and it makes me fucking hate them even more.

“We understand that there are some people who are upset that we performed this show, during this trying time. We assure you that we worked with the Promoter. North Dakota’s government recommends masks be worn, however, we are not in a position to enforce the laws.

“We have had the luxury of hindsight and we would like to apologize to those who disagree with our decision to fulfill our contractual agreement.

“The Promoter and staff were nothing but professional and assured us of the safety precautions.

“Our intent was simply to perform our gig, outside, in a welcoming, small town.

“We value the health and safety of each and every one of our fans, as well as our American and global community.

“We are far from perfect.”

Contracts can be broken, Vanilla Ice did it as did Tool. It is called putting your fans before money.

I think these serial killers, which they are at this point, plan on playing more live shows next month. I think they should be forced to go to Houston or Florida and visit a hospital that is at capacity with coronavirus patients. This way, they can see what they could be doing to their fans.

Although, it seems to me that they didn’t learn anything from seeing all the burn victims from their 2003 shows.

Seriously, who the fuck wants to see assholes live? The last time they were relevant before this weekend was for playing a gig that killed 100 people. That and they only had one OK hit.


Bill Nye the Science Guy explains why you need to wear a mask
July 9th, 2020 under Bill Nye the Science Guy, Coronavirus. [ Comments: 2 ]


##WearAMask ##LearnOnTikTok ##TikTokPartner

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We know there are a lot of science deniers who don’t believe you need to wear a mask to protect others from COVID-19. Instead, they are listening to TV doctors like Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Phil McGraw, who are not clinical doctors. Since they are listening to them for medical advice, maybe they will listen to a TV scientist for scientific advice on why they need to wear a mask to protect you and me?

So, Bill Nye the Science Guy made a TikTok, and explained in the simplest of terms why you MUST to cover your pie hole and the two holes above it. I think he is pretty convincing. But then again, I always wear a mask because I don’t want to be responsible for giving someone coronavirus. and them dying from it. I care about all people. Unlike the COVIDiots who refuse to wear a mask.


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