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Pizza Hut came out with the most bitchinest pizza box
August 18th, 2016 under Cool Technology, Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

Pizza companies around the world have been creating crazy and wacky pizza pies that are also extreme delicious. Now, Pizza Hut has taken it to a whole new level with their pizza box. It is not edible like the one in NYC, theirs is one that actually works like a DJ Turntable. That’s right, it is cardboard box with Bluetooth that connects to your computer, phone or MP3 player. It then let’s you pick two songs to play on the turntables that come with adjustable buttons on it like what a professional DJ would use.
How much does it goes for? Where can I get it? Because I don’t know about you, but I want it now. Here’s the problem, it is only available in The UK and it is not for sale. What? All we know, is we have to follow the PizzaHutUK Twitter page to find out how we can win one the 5 they are giving away.
Personally, I don’t know why they aren’t marketing it because there is totally an audience who would pay to own one of those Rockin’ cardboard pizza boxes.
Now, you have to wonder what they will come up with next? Sometimes it is better to be surprised because it is getting crazier and crazier with each reveal.


This wedding gown was made of 500 used Keurig cups
August 3rd, 2016 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

How many times have after you made a cup of Keurig coffee, have you wondered if there is any use for those little white plastic pods? Erin Shannon Pennacchio found a use for them and she turned them into one of the prettiest wedding dresses I have ever seen.
Erin did not drink all those cups by herself, her husband George Pennacchio’s KABC 7 co-workers contributed their leftovers to give it that something old factor. And nothing was left unused, the bodice was made out of the filters that is included in some of the cups.
Is the fashion designer done with K-Cups? Nope, the gown was the first in the line of K-Cup Couture and I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with for the line I think she should call K-Cupture!


Can you name all 50 movies in this picture?
June 23rd, 2016 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

Playbuzz decided to test how well you know your movie titles by creating a picture with items that represent 50 popular movie titles. For example there is Shakespeare in Love in the bottom center. Can you guess the other 49 films?
I will warn you, it is a great time waster and one I enjoyed it more than looking for a panda.
Stumped, then you can get the names of the features if you click here!


Forget the Maid of Honor, this is a bride’s Best Buddy!
March 22nd, 2016 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

via Us Weekly
Remember that day when your best friend asked you to be her Maid of Honor and how happy you were. Now many months later, you’ve her heard talk about her wedding ad nauseam, was her support system at her engagement party, threw her a lavish Bachlorette party, spent the last few weeks writing the perfect speech and now the big day is finally here. She looks gorgeous in her long white dress and she just told you she has to pee. That means you are going to have to help her lift the dress, lower her underwear and hold the skirt as she does her business. Are you like that is the final straw? Well, for $60 there is something that can save you both a lot of embarrassment and making her trip to the porcelain princess a whole lot easier on both of you. It’s the Bridal Buddy. Basically it is a slip that holds the wedding gown when you can no longer hold it in. She will love it so much, she might ask it to be the Maid of Honor instead of you; and at this moment of time, you are more than OK with it.
The Bridal Buddy is also perfect for Hollywood Awards shows, Sweet 16’s, Debutante Balls, Quincerias, Bat Mitzvahs and Proms. Although, for the latter it is also good for other things than going to the bathroom. If you know what I mean.


The Powerball prize is too huge for the electronic billboards
January 10th, 2016 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

No one won the Powerball lottery yesterday, so the prize is valued at over $1 billion. That number is not only too huge to fathom, it is too big for the electronic billboards. Good Morning America found a poster in Georgia that reads $999 because I don’t think anyone, including the people behind the lottery, ever thought the prized would ever be larger than $999 million. But at $1,300,000,000.00 and rising, that might make them reconsider adding another electronic number to their billboards. Although, what are the chances it could happen again? 1 in 341,875,763.
Have you played yet? What would you do with the money?


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