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[ # ] The Tamagotchi is back!
April 11th, 2017 under Cool Technology

Remember when you were younger and you had a Tamagotchi? You loved feeding that stupid pet on a keychain, but then it died. Then the battery died. And then it was no more.

Now over 20 years later, you sometimes wish you could get your fingers on one? Well, the good news is that Bandai brought them back. The bad news is they are only available in Japan at the current time. That is unless you want to buy it from Amazon Japan’s site for ¥2,000 yen or $18.22 without the shipping expenses.

Still, it is closer to being a reality again and who doesn’t want their virtual pet back. I still miss mine. Ralff was a good friend, until I brought him to an outdoor concert and it rained. Ralff didn’t like baths, and that was the end of him. How did yours go to the Rainbow Bridge?


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