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What happens if you leave crayons out on a hot day?
August 28th, 2023 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

US National Weather Service Peachtree City Georgia/Facebook

So I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook, and I saw pretty colors. So, I had to stop and read what the post was all about.

US National Weather Service Peachtree City, Georgia, wrote, “Can these crayons take the heat? We glued them to a board so they couldn’t escape, then left them outside.”

Want to see what happened, then click here!


Best Games For Seniors
October 3rd, 2022 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

Gaming is one of the top entertainments for children, teenagers, young adults, and middle-aged adults. What you may not know is gaming is also popular among seniors. People between the ages of 60 and 65 enjoy playing games solo and with other players. It is unfortunate when game developers do not take seniors into account during the development stage. With this said, some genres are more popular than others among elderly players. One thing is for sure, you never get too old to play games. A list of the best games for senior citizens is provided in the article below.


Surely, you are familiar with the game called Boggle. The interface is extremely user-friendly, making it ideal for seniors. The simple interface requires little physical effort and a whole lot of mental effort. This is why seniors are drawn to the game.

The winner is the senior player with the most points. Contrary to belief, winning is never as easy as it seems, especially when your competitors are superior spellers. Seniors have reported never winning, but continue to play. Why is this the case? When you think about it, Boggle is about much more than just winning. It is also about mingling, conversing, laughing, and spending time with others.


Solitaire is another popular senior game. The main reason seniors like playing Solitaire is that it does not require opponents. Another reason is a simple user interface, which requires little to no skills. With a bit of time and a flat platform, seniors can play Solitaire until their heart is content.

Solitaire does not require much physical effort. However, it does require some mental effort. Each move must be completed in the utmost meticulous way unless you want to restart from scratch.

There is never a guarantee you will win when playing Solitaire. It is like any other game, the odds are against the player. The main goal is to complete all four foundations, starting with the king and going all the way down to the deuce. Continue turning over the cards from the deck until there are none left. If there are unused cards left that cannot be placed in one of the foundations, you lose.


Bingo just happens to be one of the most popular senior games. Seniors play Bingo at county fairs, community centers, and at their friends’ homes. Most towns, municipalities, cities, and villages have at least one Bingo Hall. Here, players of all ages, including seniors gather to put their skills to the test.

Most Bing Halls are set up to fund local charities. For example, the small town of Hazard in the State of Kentucky has a Bingo Hall specifically for local volunteer fire departments. So, when you play at the Hazard Bing Hall, you are contributing to your local volunteer fire departments. Humane societies also raise money by hosting Bingo events.

Bingo is another game that requires little to no physical effort. However, seniors must be on their toes to ensure each number called is marked off their cards. Most seniors tend to play with multiple Bingo cards to increase their odds of winning.


Slots is an extremely popular senior game. In fact, is probably one of the most popular games among elderly players. Slot machines are set up in brick-and-mortar casinos. Seniors travel to the casinos to invest money in their favorite game in hopes of winning the jackpot.

Thanks to modern technology, seniors can now play slots from home. Mobile slots can be accessed from a tablet, smartphone, desktop computer, and iPad. Gaming platforms are dime a dozen on the World Wide Web. However, not all of these gaming platforms are created equal, which is where in-depth research comes into play. Take the time to check out Kansino Review and other online casino reviews.

Slots require minimal physical and mental effort. A modern slot machine is integrated with reels that are operated by a lever or button. Each reel has a unique symbol like fruit, numbers, diamonds, horseshoes, hearts, gemstones, dice, playing card suits, money, and playing cards.


When seniors play games, they are taking their minds off their problems. In the meantime, they are exercising their brains and fighting dementia. With so many options to choose from, there is a game for every senior citizen.


Why are fiberglass boat parts classified as hazardous waste
July 2nd, 2022 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

Fiberglass boat parts are used to repair and build fiberglass boats. Fiberglass is a composite material made up of glass fibers and resin. It is strong, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. Parts made from fiberglass are durable and long-lasting. 

There are some essential things that your boat should have, including a tackle tray organizer for the boat before you start moving. They can be used to repair damage to a boat or to build a new boat. Many types of fiberglass boat parts are available, including hulls, decks, stringers, transoms, ribs, and keels.

How to dispose of fiberglass boat

If you are the proud owner of a fiberglass boat, you know that proper care and maintenance are essential to keeping it in good condition. One important task that often gets overlooked, however, is boat disposal. When the time comes to say goodbye to your boat, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, you’ll need to find a qualified recycler who can adequately dispose of fiberglass boats. Many recyclers will not accept them because they are difficult to break down and process.

Once you’ve found a recycler, you’ll need to take your boat apart as much as possible. This will make it easier for the recycler to handle and reduce the amount of waste created. Be sure to remove all batteries, fuel tanks, and other hazardous materials before taking your boat to the recycler.

Why are fiberglass boat parts classified as hazardous waste?

Boat parts made of fiberglass are classified as hazardous waste because they contain dangerous chemicals that can harm the environment. These chemicals include polyester resin, which is used to make the fiberglass, and styrene, which is used to make the foam core. 

When these materials are exposed to the environment, they can release harmful toxins that can contaminate soil and water. In addition, they can also cause health problems in people who are exposed to them.

How are fiberglass boat parts classified as hazardous waste?

When it comes to fiberglass boat parts, there are a couple of things you need to know. First, they are classified as hazardous waste. Second, they can be recycled.

The reason fiberglass boat parts are classified as hazardous waste is that the material used to make them is harmful if it comes into contact with your skin. It can also cause problems if it’s inhaled or swallowed.

That’s why it’s important to recycle them instead of throwing them in the trash. There are a number of companies that will recycle fiberglass boat parts, and many of them will do it for free.

What is the process for disposing of fiberglass boat parts?

When it comes time to dispose of a fiberglass boat, the process is not as simple as throwing it in the trash. The fiberglass itself is not harmful, but the chemicals used to make it are.

They can release harmful fumes into the air and water if disposed of improperly. There are several steps that need to be followed to ensure the safe disposal of a fiberglass boat. The first step is removing all the hazardous materials from the boat. 

This includes batteries, fuel, oil, and any other chemicals or flammable materials. Once these have been removed, the boat can be chopped up into small pieces and disposed of in a landfill. It is important to make sure that all the fiberglass pieces are buried deep enough so that they will not be disturbed.

Is Fiberglass a recycled material?

The article discusses whether fiberglass is a recycled material. Fiberglass is made of glass fibers and resin. The glass fibers are made of recycled glass. The resin can be made of recycled materials or petrochemicals. 

Some people claim that fiberglass is a recycled material because glass fibers are made of recycled glass. However, the resin can be made of petrochemicals, which are not recycled materials. Therefore, some people argue that fiberglass is not a recycled material.

What type of fiberglass is used for boats?

The type of fiberglass used for boats is called polyester. This fiberglass is made up of two components: resin and glass fibers. The resin is a liquid that hardens when it cures, and the glass fibers give the fiberglass strength and stiffness. 

Polyester fiberglass is a popular choice for boat builders because it’s strong and durable, yet lightweight. It also withstands harsh weather conditions well and is relatively easy to repair.

What is fiberglass made of?

Fiberglass is a popular material for boat building, home insulation, and other applications because it is strong and relatively lightweight. But what is fiberglass made of? Fiberglass is a composite material made of glass fibers and resin. 

The glass fibers are usually made of silica, but can also be made of other materials such as boron or carbon. The resin can be either thermoset or thermoplastic.

How do you get rid of fiberglass?

There are a few ways to get rid of fiberglass. One is to wet it down and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the fibers. Another way is to brush it off with a wire brush. You can also try using a shop vac or dust buster.

Fiberglass boat parts are often disposed of improperly, which can lead to environmental and safety concerns. By properly disposing of fiberglass boat parts, you can help to protect the environment and keep yourself safe.

To play on the safe side, you should be aware while using your boat parts made from fiberglass. You should not use low-quality fiberglass, which can cause great harm to the environment. Instead of doing so, you should lessen the use of fiberglass as much as you can.


The perfect candle to give the man in your life
April 26th, 2022 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

via consistentcontentco

Do you have a man in your life and you don’t know what to give him? Well, he would love a blow job, and you don’t always feel like it.

Guess what? There is a candle for that. Crafty Mom Candles sells one that is called Light This When You Want a BJ.

As soon as he sees the label, he is going to get all excited. That is until he takes the lid off and finds out there is no wick. Then his wick will lose its spark.

Oh, did I say the $7 wickless candle is the perfect gift for him? I meant it is for us!

So if you want to have some fun with that special someone in your life, but not that type of fun, then you can buy this wax melt in a jar for him. Not only is it affordable, but you can choose from one of four different scents, eucalyptus and spearmint, thousand dreams, sweet honeysuckle, and midnight sun.

I already bought a few for the guy I am fooling around with now and the future men in my life. Because I am evil like that!


Is this how the robots are going to take over the World?
December 30th, 2020 under Cool Technology. [ Comments: none ]

Boston Dynamics decided to end 2020 on a high note, so they had their robots dance to Do You Love Me by The Contours.

If this is what the robot invasion is going to be like, then I say bring it on. However, I watch way too many Horror movies, so I know how this ends. Basically, Spot, Pick, and Handle (that is their names) will get us to recreate the outside dance scene from either Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or The Blues Brothers. Just when we humans have let our guards down, they will go in for the attack and kill us. At least we had a few minutes of joy before the slaughter.

While that is their end game, they will start off showing off their skills by doing YouTube and TikTok videos, going on Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance to gain our trust. Then when we least expect it, they will organize parades all over the World. That is when they will make their move with their moves, and we will all be dead.

I think I need to stop watching Horror movies. What do you think?

xoxo Kelsey!


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