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Milo Ventimiliglia reveals how Jack does not die on This Is Us
August 9th, 2017 under Christina Ricci, Jimmy Kimmel, Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since we found out that Jack dies on This Is Us, we have wanted to know how he dies. We still do not know but the cast has revealed that we will find out when season 2 starts on September 26th.

Yesterday, when Milo Ventimilgia was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the ABC host wanted to know how his character dies. Sadly, the actor cannot reveal that. Instead he revealed how he does not die. Jack does not die by sticking his head in a microwave while making popcorn, he does not does not die like Elvis Presley did eating a peanut butter banana sandwich on the toilet, Gluten is not the cause of death and finally he was not overcome with emotion during a Justin Bieber concert. So basically that was useless. Therefore are left to imagine the cause of death until the drama returns to NBC next month.

How do you think he dies? I think he gets into a fight with Rebecca, drinks way too much, storms off in his car and dies in a car accident.


Does Christina Ricci have something to tell us?
June 5th, 2017 under Christina Ricci, Do they have something to tell us?. [ Comments: none ]

Christina Ricci shared a photo of herself with a baby bump, so is she expecting baby #2? Nope, it is fake, but doesn’t it look real? Like she could be expecting her second child with her husband, James Heerdegen.


Christina Ricci shares a makeup free Selfie!
March 24th, 2017 under Christina Ricci. [ Comments: none ]

Christina Ricci has these big beautiful eyes that can light up any room, so how would they look without any mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation and/or cover up? Just as gorgeous like her. Even her skin is flawless without makeup. I am jealous, I want to know her secret.


Christina Ricci shows us the carpet matches the drapes!
July 18th, 2016 under Christina Ricci. [ Comments: 1 ]

Christina Ricci is starring as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda in Z: The Beginning of Everything. Not only does she have to wear a wig on top of her head, she also has to wear one between her legs. Today she got to see her fake hairs together and as you can tell they did a really good job matching the rug to the curtains.
How do they look on her, we will have to wait until Amazon start streaming those new episodes.
BTW it is really strange seeing the wig and the Merkin so close together like that. Kind of creepy.


Lizzie Borden Took an Ax for a killer good movie!
January 25th, 2014 under Christina Ricci, Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

We all know the rhyme, “Lizzie Borden took an ax, She killed her mother with forty wacks, After she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one.” Well tonight at 8p on Lifetime we are going to learn the story behind it, in the telemovie Lizzie Borden Took an Ax. Christina Ricci, plays the woman who was acquitted of killing her father and step-mother back in 1892.
So what lead to her being arrested for killing them? We find out how her father treated her and let’s just say he was no angel. Then we see what happened the day of the murders and the police investigation into them. Finally we watch the court case play out until we see her get away with murder, that is if you believe she did it. The movie will leave you guessing whether or not she was the one who took an ax to her parents.
Ricci stuns as the notorious woman, who kids still rhyme about until this day. Clea Duvall is very believable as her supportive sister, who suddenly is unsure about everything.
Lizzie Borden Took an Ax keeps your interest from the beginning until the end as you learn the story behind a story thought you knew but really you didn’t until now.


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