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Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon play Silent but Deadly
May 9th, 2012 under Cameron Diaz, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Fallon discovered a new app that makes farting noises and he challenged Cameron Diaz to a game of Silent but Deadly. The object of the game is to hold a straight face while they listen to a fake fart. Let’s just say it is a lot harder than you think, and it is very funny to watch them try. So sit back and enjoy because farts are always a laugh out loud riot.


BTWF interviews: Cameron Diaz on Other Voices
June 22nd, 2011 under Before They Were Famous, Cameron Diaz, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: 1 ]

via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Before Cameron Diaz was an ogre living in a beautiful human princess’ body, she was an actress doing an interview with a different voice on Other Voices with Jimmy Fallon. She looks the same now as she did when she was 22 in that 1994 interview. Neither her nor Jimmy Fallon, who was 20 at the time, look any different than they did during their first chat together. It is absolutely incredible.


Cameron Diaz has David Letterman eating out of her hand
June 21st, 2011 under Cameron Diaz, David Letterman. [ Comments: none ]

Cameron Diaz was on The Late Show with David Letterman and he asked her about that infamous moment between and her and her boyfriend A-Rod during the Super Bowl. You know when she was caught feeding him popcorn? Well the gap toothed host desperately wanted to recreate that special moment and she obliged him. But it looks like the Bad Teacher wanted it for herself!!!


A-Rod’s cred destroyed by one Super Bowl second!!!
February 7th, 2011 under A-Rod, Cameron Diaz, Super Bowl. [ Comments: none ]

A-Rod might be one of the best baseball players of today, but all of his hard work earning that title was ruined during one second at the Super Bowl. The Yankees’ slugger and his girlfriend Cameron Diaz went to the biggest football game of the year and they got caught by the cameras as she fed him popcorn. Lucky for him spring training is a few weeks away because if wasn’t, you know his teammates would be ripping him a new one. Lucky for the Yankees, the NY papers will be harassing him about it until they can.


Cameron Diaz wear something in honor of Tom Cruise…shorts!
June 22nd, 2010 under Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were on Good Morning America today to promote their new movie Knight and Days and I had to wonder if in his honor she wore shorts? Seriously I think the heels on his shoes are as high as her shorts are short. What is up with that?
BTW I love the way she is looking at him in the last picture, can’t say I blame her.


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