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BTS scares their new friends on the old Friends’ set
May 28th, 2018 under BTS, Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ellen DeGeneres knows that BTS learned how to speak English by watching Friends and she also knows that their fans really love them. Therefore, she killed two birds with one stone and had the boy band hide out on the Friends set on the Warner Bros lot as their fans recreated a scene from the sitcom.

When it is revealed that the 7 rockers are in the same room with them, all the girls screamed like girls meeting their teen idols. And yet none of them ran over and attacked them which seems really odd to me. Does BTS have something against PDA?


Wow, Ellen scares BTS! Wow!
May 25th, 2018 under BTS, Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

Ellen DeGeneres has BTS on the show today and now I know why there was in a ringing in my ears yesterday. All of those girls screeching like that created a loud hiss in the air that traveled a mile from her studio to where I work.

Anyways, after she interviewed the band, she had someone jump out of the table and scare all 7 of them. Since Arem was the closest, he was the most scared. Poor J-Hope was sitting on the wrong part of the couch because he fell off of it. Which literally had him rolling on the floor laughing his a$$ off. But the best part is because they learned English from Friends, all they could do was go all Joey Tribbiani and say wow over and over again. Wow!



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