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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting again
September 15th, 2022 under Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

via People

Blake Lively has been keeping a secret. She and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, are expecting their 4th child together.

The actress revealed her baby bump at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit this morning.

The couple, who celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this year, have three daughters, James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2. Maybe this one will be a boy? It would be nice to have a mini-Ryan in the world.


Is this proof Blake Lively wears the pants in her marriage?
November 16th, 2021 under Blake Lively. [ Comments: none ]

Blake Lively/Instagram

Blake Lively shared a photo of herself using the urinal, and she wrote, “Not a lot going on at the moment.”

That gave me time to analyze the photo and assume she is the one who wears the pants in the family. Deadpool might make Ryan Reynolds the breadwinner, but she is the one in charge of the pool. I can totally see that. Can’t you?


Blake Lively reveals how she makes walking a red carpet look painfree
August 4th, 2021 under Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

Blake Lively was back on the red carpet yesterday with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, to promote his movie, Free Guy. The Gossip Girl turned heads in a Cleopatra cut mauve Prabal Gurung floor-length gown that covered her feet. That was a good thing because it hid her secret. The actress was wearing hi-top sneakers, so she was able to glide across the carpet with her leading man. A very smart move on her part because we are not used to wearing heels anymore, and our feet are going to rebel against us when we do.


Ariana Grande is hopelessly devoted to The Voice
July 27th, 2021 under Ariana Grande, Blake Lively, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

We are 55 days away until Ariana Grande’s debut on The Voice. However, today NBC gave us a little preview of what it will be like when she is with the other three judges, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and host Cardon Daly.

She will be bringing the cheese. I mean, how else would you describe this promo? They have done much better ones in the past.

Now, having said this, I can’t wait to see what she brings to the singing competition. Too bad they don’t have bad singers on the show. Why? Because I would like to hear her say to them, “Thank You, Next!”


Ryan Reynolds has the best way to get his daughter off of Baby Shark
April 26th, 2021 under Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

Ryan Reynolds might be an actor, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have the same problems that average parents have. His 18-month-old daughter is hooked on Baby Shark, and it is making him even crazier than he already is.

However, since he and his wife are actors, there is something he can do to get the song to jump the shark with his Betty. What is it? Back when Blake Lively was pregnant with daughter #2, she made a movie called The Shallows where she is chased by a shark.

So if Betty doesn’t want tp see Mommy Shark eaten by one, she will change her habit to The Wheels on the Bu. Did either one of them star in something with a bus? Nope. she is safe to safe drive her dad crazier for months.


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