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A remastered version of Sling Blade is coming to Red Coral Universe
May 27th, 2024 under Billy Bob Thornton. [ Comments: none ]

Sling Blade was the sleeper hit of 1996. And starting tomorrow, a remastered version of Billy Bob Thornton’s Oscar-winning film, Sling Blade, will be streaming exclusively on Red Coral Universe.

Red Coral Universe is a free-to-use global platform available on all phones, tablets, smart TVs, connected devices, and the web, or via the Red Coral Universe App on App Store, iOS, and Google Play.

Red Coral Universe has built an eclectic roster of content ranging from traditional, feature films and television, to music videos and shorts, to rap battles and podcasts. The platform even has local sports featuring current superstars such as Caleb Williams and Angel Reese in their final high school games. Red Coral Universe celebrates artists by giving them a platform to reach a global audience and an opportunity to earn a greater share of the revenue generated compared to other streaming services. Whereas, some streamers will make creators jump through hoops to share fractions of points, Red Coral Universe gives creators the vast majority of the revenue starting from the first ad watched. The AVOD platform launched in January 2024 and has grown its registrant base at 10% per day since its inception. The catalog now features a wide variety of nearly 7,000 titles from over 600 artists and growing. Red Coral also finances, produces and distributes its own original content and currently has over a dozen film and television projects in Development.

The streaming service was founded by Larry Meistrich, who produced Sling Blade, and actor and producer Scott Valentine.

If you are not familiar with RCU, you should check it out. They support independent artists, so you can watch movies, music videos, and podcasts you won’t find anywhere else.

In a time when Hollywood is remaking everything or doling out sequels, it is refreshing to go to a place where you can watch something different and original.


Bad Santa and Greg Brady
August 2nd, 2021 under Billy Bob Thornton, Strange Encounters, The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

Barry Williams/Instagram

Over the weekend Barry Williams went to see Billy Bob Thornton play with his band The Box Masters, and we got this photo to prove it.

I mean, who would believe that they are seeing these two polar opposites together. One is the naughtiest Santa Claus, and the other is so squeaky clean. But to save face, I am going to say Johnny Bravo took over, and he is the one that went to the concert and not Greg Brady.


Billy Joel and Axl Rose singing Big Shot is the strangest thing you’ll see all day
July 30th, 2017 under Axl Rose, Billy Bob Thornton. [ Comments: none ]

When I think of Axl Rose, I so do not think of him doing a duet with Billy Joel. But that actually happened in Minneapolis on Friday night, delighting and I am sure confusing fans of the Piano Man.

Even though the mashup should not have worked, it somehow did. Who knows maybe there is a duet album in their future. Stranger pairings have happened. Not much stranger, but close.

They also rocked out to AC/DC’s Highway Hell which is more like the Guns N’ Roses singer’s style.


Billy Bob Thornton’s worst interview since that one from 2009
November 15th, 2016 under Billy Bob Thornton, Comedy Central. [ Comments: none ]

Remember in 2009, when Billy Bob Thornton came off as a real jerk during an interview with CTV? Well he just did one with Comedy Central’s Drunk History and he comes off even worse. He goes from playing Bad Santa to being Bad Billy Bob. What did that guy do besides his job. Good thing they can drink on the job because he is going to need a cold one or ten to shake that off.
You can watch what happens next tonight at 10:30p.


Bad Santa 2 wants to Make America Bad Again!
September 27th, 2016 under Billy Bob Thornton. [ Comments: none ]

We are all sick and tired of this election, and Bad Santa 2 is having some fun with it. They created their own ad and it starts off with, “In 2016, why choose between a crook and a liar, when you can have both?” Right then and there, you want to high 5 this promo. At least, I know they did.
I really wish they would release this movie the day after the election instead of making us wait until Thanksgiving because we are all going to need laugh until we pee in our pants!


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