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Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault
December 30th, 2015 under Arrested, Bill Cosby. [ Comments: none ]

It’s been over a year since many women have claimed that Bill Cosby drugged and raped them and yet there were no charges brought against the actor. That all changed today when Montgomery County, Pa’s district attorney’s office announced that they are charging him with a crime relating to a woman’s complaint filed against him. DA Kevin Steele said he was charged him with aggravated indecent assault relating to an incident that happened back in 2004. According to the PBS Newshour, “On the night in question, Cosby is alleged to have given the woman, who was associated with the Temple University women’s basketball program, wine and pills that rendered her unable to move, at which time he sexually assaulted her.”
The statute of limitation is 12 years there, so they just had a few months before time ran out.
The actor will be arraigned later today.
It will be interesting to see if he will be facing more charges from other districts, now that one of the district attorney’s charged him with the alleged crime.

UPDATE: Bill Cosby was arraigned today and bail was set at $1,000,000. He made bail and also turned over his passport as part of the arraignment. His next day in court is January 14th.


Family Guy goes there with The Cosby Show
November 16th, 2015 under Bill Cosby, Seth MacFarlane. [ Comments: none ]

Family Guy has been having a lot fun making fun of Bill Cosby since before the scandal and they’ve been having even more fun since it broke. Yesterday, they reworked the opening of The Cosby Show and had all the leading ladies passed out while he did his danced around in a colorful sweater. If only they brought Phylicia Rashād, Lisa Bonet and Tempestt Bledsoe into the mix, I would’ve been OK. But why did they have to add the late greats Bonnie Franklin and Bea Arthur? What did they do to deserve that? It’s not like they can defend themselves. Just like…


BTWF roles: Mark Hamill in The Bill Cosby Show
April 1st, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Bill Cosby, Star Wars. [ Comments: none ]

Before the force was with Mark Hamill in Star Wars, he needed it on The Bill Cosby Show. How cute was the 19 year old in that 1970 episode?


Jimmy Fallon rides Bill Cosby
March 27th, 2014 under Bill Cosby, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Bill Cosby was a guest on The Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon asked the legendary comedian to attempt to tightrope on the NBC late night show. Thankfully he just had to simulate it where a piece of tape on the floor. Cosby being Cosby went into a big to-do about it before actually stepping on to the rope. Then once he did, it was a really good thing that he wasn’t actually walking a tightrope.
Then once he obviously failed, the NBC late night host jumped on his back and rode Cosby for the rest of the way. I am not sure who is luckier to be alive Cosby or Fallon. Cause it looked like if Bill could kill Jimmy for imitating him, he would.


Bill Cosby is back with a very funny stand-up special on Comedy Central tonight!
November 23rd, 2013 under Bill Cosby, Comedy Central. [ Comments: none ]

For the first time in a really long time, Bill Cosby is doing a stand-up special and he is just as funny as ever. Far From Finished debuts at 8p on Comedy Central tonight and I don’t remember the last time I laughed this hard. The comedic legend shares several stories about how his wife treats him and he gets the audience involved with these tales. You feel bad for him, but you can’t help but to laugh as he shares how tough his wife is on him. But don’t feel that bad for him because he also talks about something he did to his kids. In a way you can say Karma caught up with him or he was finally getting revenge on his wife through their kids.
The thing that makes this special so special is it Bill Cosby being Bill Cosby. It makes you remember that feeling you got when you watched his NBC sitcom because you can see these scenarios playing out on the show.
So if you need a good clean laugh (something that we have been missing in comedy), then tune into the hilarious Bill Cosby…Far From Finished tonight at 8p in Comedy Central.


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