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Donald Fasion with hair
April 27th, 2020 under Bad Hair. [ Comments: none ]

Donald Faison/Instagram

Ever since Donald Faison was on Scrubs, the top of his head was scrubbed clean like Mr. Clean. However, the same cannot be said during the quarantine, because the actor has grown out his hair and beard.

In fact, he said, “I’ve been drinking… I refuse to shave my head or face till this thing is over…. holler if ya hear me!!! #nofilter.”

Do you think he should keep it this way, or should he get the razor? I say let it grow out!


Alex Borstein shows off her roots
April 10th, 2020 under Bad Hair. [ Comments: none ]

Alex Borstein/Instagram

Now, that people can’t go to the hairdresser to get their roots touched up, they are letting their natural color grow out. For Alex Borstein, it means accepting the fact that she is going grey.

Will she go back to black when the stay at home orders are lifted? I am sure Seth MacFarlane doesn’t care because Family Guy is an animated show. However, I don’t think The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Amy Sherman-Palladino will let Susie go grey. Although, her character is always wearing a cap, so maybe she can get away with it.


Sarah Hyland is having a bad hair day
December 4th, 2019 under Bad Hair, Sarah Hyland. [ Comments: none ]

Sarah Hyland has naturally curly hair that she straightens for work. However, I don’t know what I would call this hairdo besides a hairdon’t.

In her defense, we all have bad hair days. It is just no one cares when we do. Nor do we look as good.


Sarah Hyland is having a bad hair day
June 10th, 2019 under Bad Hair, Sarah Hyland. [ Comments: none ]

If you have seen Sarah Hyland on Modern Family, then you would think she has silky smooth straight hair. In reality, she has curly hair which is not always easy to tame. Here she is looking like a lion who put their finger in an electrical socket.

Her friends all told her to brush her hair and she likes it the way it is. It’s her hair and she’ll brush if she wants to.

Since I have hair like the actresses, I will suggest to her to use African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula Leave-In Conditioner. It makes a world of difference on curls. It is the one thing that can tame the unruly beast.


Ellen DeGeneres is having a bad hair day
April 30th, 2019 under Bad Hair, Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

Ellen DeGeneres is a natural blond, but she gets some highlights to brighten her look. On Thursday, she went to a new person and decided that she wanted all of her hair to be the same color. It sounded like a good idea in her head but it was not a good idea for her head.

After two and a half hours, she did not like the new color. They tried again and her locks were all different colors. They decided to stop there because her hair was very damaged.

So damaged, that when she touched her head, clumps of it would fall out. She tried washing it and whatever else she could do to no avail. Finally, she called her people to save what was left and they did all they could. Now she has a very short blond do that she cannot wash or touch. All she can do it is let it grow out or wear hats.

The moral to the story, don’t go to a new hairstylist if you are doing something drastic. You might get a drastic new look, it just will not be the one you want.


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