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The curtain goes down on Phantom of the Opera after 35 years
September 16th, 2022 under Andrew Lloyd Webber, Broadway. [ Comments: none ]

Did you know that Phantom of the Opera was still playing on Broadway? I didn’t. But it is. However, only for a few more months. That is because it is closing on February 18th, just a few days after its 35th anniversary on January 26th.

That means that Andrew Lloyd Webber has the two longest-running Broadway shows. The other one is Cats.

Personally, I am not a fan of either musical. Webber has had better shows like Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and their runs weren’t as long.

Are you sad that Music of the Night is being silenced?


Real cats watching Cats
May 14th, 2021 under Andrew Lloyd Webber. [ Comments: none ]

The musical Cats turned 40 this week. So to celebrate the milestone Andrew Lloyd Webber asked people to send in video of their felines watching the show, not the movie. No one should have to see that, no matter how many legs they walk on.

What did the kitties think of Jellicle Cats? They thought it was purrfect. It is a Memory they won’t soon forget.

However, as soon as I pressed play, my cat ran out of the room. She is still traumatized from that time that I watched the movie. She told me that the actors’ costumes in the film didn’t have a$$hole$ because the movie was one big a$$hole.


Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals two songs that inspired the music of Jesus Christ Superstar
October 23rd, 2020 under Andrew Lloyd Webber. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 50 years since Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music for Jesus Christ Superstar. Today, he added two songs to his Spotify playlist that he says inspired some of the tunes from the musical.

The first song was The Immigrant Song from Led Zeppelin because they were recording in the studio next door to them at the time. I think that the legendary band influenced What’s the Buzz, The Temple, and Damned For All Time/Blood Money.

The other song is Joe Cocker’s take on With a Little Help From My Friends because the sexy, raspy singer’s band worked on JCS. As soon as ALW said that, all I could hear in my head, was I Don’t Know How to Love Him.

Do you hear Zepplin and Cocker’s influence in JCS now, or is it just me?


Rivers Cuomo doesn’t know how to love him
June 1st, 2020 under Andrew Lloyd Webber, Weezer. [ Comments: none ]

There are a lot of great songs from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Jesus Christ Superstar, and the one I sing most is I Don’t Know How to Love Him. My favorite version belongs to Yvonne Elliman, who sang it in the movie.

Today, I finally heard a cover that is now my second favorite, and it wasn’t even sung by a female. It is actually performed by Rivers Cuomo. An interesting choice for the Weezer singer. So much so, I wonder if there is a deeper meaning to it. Either way, it is very powerful for him to sing a song by the most famous prostitute to the son of Gd.


Do you think this cat is letting Andrew Lloyd Weber know they feel about Cats?
May 26th, 2020 under Andrew Lloyd Webber, Broadway. [ Comments: none ]

In case you haven’t heard, the movie Cats was so bad that real cats wished they were any other species but a feline after it came out. We heard this, but we had never seen how they reacted to it when they were around the man who created the awful 1981 musical.

That is until now. Andrew Lloyd Weber was walking on a secluded path when he came up to a pussy that was in front of him. As the producer (who has created several amazing musicals) got near the kitty, it fell to the floor. Then Weber caught up to the cat; it turned its back on him. Which makes you wonder if it is sending him a message to the playwright. Something like you had me at Memory but lost me when the curtain went up.

Luckily for Weber, he came upon a nicer kitty. I don’t think most cats would have given such subtle messages. They would be more like the kitty in Pet Semetary. Me-ow! At least that was how mine was when I pressed play on the theatrical release. Thus, I have never seen the film.


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