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[ # ] C-3PO said, ‘F*ck you,’ to K-2SO
December 19th, 2016 under Alan Tudyk, Conan O'Brien, Star Wars

Even though Rogue One takes place almost as many years as before the amount of time it has been since Star Wars has come out, a lot has changed in the galaxy of film making in that time.
Back when Anthony Daniels played the lovable droid, he actually had to get into that costume. Alan Tudyk told Conan O’Brien on his TBS late night show that when played K-2SO, they recorded his movements for Motion Capture. Which is a lot easier to do. Therefore it makes sense that when Daniels found that out, he said to Tudyk, “You Sh!t!” If the Firefly star thought those words were harsh, they ain’t nothing as compared to what happened after C-P30 saw the film. He had just two words for the newest droid in the franchise and they were F*ck and you! Can you blame him?
When it comes to Tudyk, can you believe in his lengthy and respectable career, this was first late night interview. He nailed it! Can’t wait to see him do more.


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