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[ # ] Adam Levine had a poop baby after his wife gave birth
January 19th, 2018 under Adam Levine, Jimmy Kimmel, The Voice

Adam Levine was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and he told the ABC late host a TMI story when his wife gave birth.

Back in September of 2016, when Behati Prinsloo went into labor, someone gave The Voice coach some advice. His friend said that he should eat, so he does not pass out. As she was counting the contractions, he was not counting the calories. In other words, he became a nervous eater who did not stop eating. Therefore, when they got to the hospital, she was ready to push out a baby and he was ready to push out a big poop. But he did not want to go because he did not want to miss his daughter coming into the world. Thus, he held it in. Anyone who has held in a crap, knows how painful it can be. So he squeezed his butt cheeks and prayed.

Then as soon as Dusty Rose was given the OK, he asked the nurse where he can give birth to Charcoal Stench. She said, there is a bathroom right here and he was like no. He did not want his daughter’s first memory of her dad to be how he stunk up the joint.

No word who was bigger, his daughter or his poop baby. I am thinking it was pretty close.

I guess you can say this is as close as a man can come to understanding what his wife is going through in the delivery room.

Lastly, hopefully this time, when is wife goes into labor any day now, he will eat responsibly. Other wise, he will have another sh!tty birth story to share with Kimmel.


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