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[ # ] Matthew Perry can’t even look at Jennifer Love Hewitt!
April 19th, 2013 under Ellen DeGeneres, Friends (cast), Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Showe today and she wore a cleavage revealing dress. The top of it was so low cut that Ellen and Matthew Perry, he co-host for the day, couldn’t stop looking at her boobs. Well the Friends star tried, but he just couldn’t help himself. In fact when Ellen showed a picture of her on the cover of Shape Magazine in a bikini, he stole the magazine so he could read later. I am sure he will be checking it out in bed later and screaming the title of his NBC show…”Go On, Go On, Go Onnnnnnnnnn!”
BTW I hope Love takes him up on his offer to be on her Lifetime Show The Client List because I would love to see him in a just towel covering his privates and her massaging him with just a little bit more cloth covering her body.
Seriously wouldn’t they make a cute couple? And seriously wouldn’t he make a good replacement for Jimmy Fallon on Late Night? I would love to see him hosting a television talk show. He has the right personality for it, plus he is really quick witted and funny!
Finally now we all know he is a boob man!



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