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September 12th, 2009 under Brat Pack, Hallmark, Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman, Sean Patrick Flanery

Tonight on Hallmark they are premiere the inspirational well-acted movie Citizen Jane. It is the story of a woman whose fiance’, unknowingly to her, killed her beloved aunt. In one day she lost the man she loved and the woman she loved like a mother and she makes it her personal mission to put the man away who took her away from her.
Ally Sheedy is so believable as the woman who solves her aunt’s murder with the help of a cop who never gave up and by reading the mystery novels her aunt loved so much. Meat Loaf is so good as cop, that part of me thinks that he might’ve made a wrong career choice but then if he had we never would have heard his powerful voice and that would be beyond awful. Sean Partick Flanery looks all nice on the outside in the movie, but you can see him as the evil killer that he plays in it.
The movie is so well done, that you never lose interest it and when the movie ends you can see that this can be made in to a series of movies for the network and you will really want to see more of them. In real life Jane Alexander went on to help other families solve the murders of their loved one. Sadly she died two days before production started and you know she will be watching this movie with her aunt in heaven enjoying it as much as I did and you will. So make sure to make sure to watch it tonight on Hallmark at 9p!



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