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RIP Jim Steinman
April 20th, 2021 under Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman, Obits. [ Comments: 2 ]

(This is a playlist of his great words put to music)

Jim Steinman, the greatest lyricist of my lifetime, passed away yesterday at the age of 73, according to Variety.

You might know Jim Steinman’s name, his face, or his voice, but you know his words. That is because he wrote the lyrics to at least one song that you have belted out. His stories can be heard in all of the songs on the three Bat out of Hell albums for Meat Loaf, Total Eclipse of the Heart with Bonnie Tyler, two of the Rock ballads for the movie Street of Fire, and It’s All Coming Back to Me Now for Celine Dion to name a very few.

When I was in fifth grade, I remember the first time I heard Air Supply’s Making Love Out of Nothing At All. I said I want that to be my wedding song. I didn’t know what the lyrics meant, but that didn’t matter. They touched me, and they still touch me. And I still want that song to my first song at the wedding I am never going to have.

Years later, I would hear the coming of age song Paradise By the Dashboard Light sung by Meat Loaf. I dreamed of losing my virginity to it. I didn’t. In fact, I have never sung it in the bedroom. But I have belted it out with plenty of men at bars or in the woods with the help of some alcohol. What woman hasn’t asked a man, “Will you love me? Will you love me forever?…”

Then years later, we wanted to know what is that one thing that Steinman and Meat would not for love.

I loved Steinman’s words so much; I made them an answering machine greeting. I took Meat’s spoken words from the opening of You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth. He says, “On a hot summer would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?” I said seductively, “Will he leave me a message?” He says, “Yes!” “Will he leave me his name?” “Yes!” “Will he leave me his number?” “Yes! On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?” “Yes!” “I bet you say that to all the boys!” I did!

He didn’t only work with Meat; he also recorded Total Eclipse of the Heart and Holding Out for a Hero with Bonnie Tyler. Let’s be honest; we have all sung Total Eclipse of the Heart with passion at least once. It is not an easy song to sing because Steinman wrote Rock Operas with each one of his songs. That is why Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me is her most powerful tune. The movie Streets of Fire was really on fire with his two epic tunes Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young and Nowhere Fast.

You need a voice to sing one of his songs as he intended. It is not an easy thing to do but try today. Let our voices rise him up to heaven. Although, my neighbors have already threatened to call the police if I don’t stop singing his songs.

Steinman might not have children, but his songs are his babies, and we can enjoy them forever. So let’s enjoy them as they are meant to be enjoyed. However, my cat would like ear pods, so she doesn’t have to hear me singing anymore. My neighbors in a four-block radius agree with her.

Thank you, Jim Steinman, for your words. I will always hold them dear to my heart.

If you want to know more about the making of one of the best-selling albums of all time, you can watch the documentary of the making of Bat Out of Hell on Tubi TV. I have had it in my My List for over a year. Today, I am finally watching it.


Meat Loaf gives a health update on when he will be back on the road
August 23rd, 2019 under Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman. [ Comments: none ]

It has not been a good few years for Meat Loaf’s health. The singer has had four surgeries to repair his back. Just when he was getting better, he fell off a stage in May and broke his collarbone and sternum (I broke both of those at different times and they take a while to heal. The latter never stops hurting). That fall was much worse than we knew and he revealed how bad it was in a lengthy Facebook post yesterday.

To all would who care and like to know . I am hoping that I will start doing some shows this year , some storytellers type shows not too many though . When I fell in Dallas on May 4th and Fractured my collarbone and my sternum that really sit my recovery from 4 back surgeries in a bad place . I spent 31 days in the hospital because of that fall . Why, a sternum injury I guess is very dangerous . I went to the “Bat Musical ” the other night and came on stage for a couple of Minutes , and got the audience to sing ” Took the words ” . I sang a little . My back after 4 surgeries is getting better but not there yet . My voice is great getting all the music together for the next record…
I had dinner with Paul and Randy Twice last week . We will do shows again and we will record again . It would have been sooner but the fall in Dallas cost me 6 months with my recovery . So I have to come up with a theme for the album , now it requires coming up with the songs that fit the emotional theme for the album . I never just put together songs and record them , they have to fit the theme . So “13 Roads to Bat ” has a theme and each road on the cover will represent them , like Forgiveness , Truth , Denial , Deception , Love , Hate and etc . So now if any of you would like to help name the roads that would be great . If you live in Australia all the better . The last album was just to complicated for people , and I never had the chance to tour it or do press about the Album . I am not kidding you Jim thought it was our best album we had ever done , now a lot you are scratching your head going… WHAT !!! that’s ok ! All
the characters I developed for each song were 19 year old Serial Killers . Unlike all the records before the characters I developed used my voice to sing the songs . The last record I wanted them to use there voice to sing the songs , I know too extreme . Ok, sum up, give me some Road names , watch for Shows later this year , not very many , but we will be out there . Love you all and this proves why a tribal Leader in Oklahoma gave the tribal name of “Never shuts up ”
PS How about giving me some likes all of you that read this all I am getting now is unlikes since the beginning of the year . I may paranoid but it fells like FACE BOOK is doing it on purpose ??????? !!!!!!! Love Ya !
So far I have seen some really great road names , I knew all brains could come up with great names .
Oh , one more thing I lost 70 pounds but gained ten back . So it’s 60 pounds .

Meat is like a bat out of Hell and I am sure he will be on the road again before we know it. If you have never seen him live, make sure to get tickets. He puts on one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Now, that he is svelte, I am sure he will put on an even bigger show. I can’t wait to see skinny Meat. You can say he lost the Loaf. That was bad!


Meat Loaf fell off of the stage like a bat out of hell
May 6th, 2019 under Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman. [ Comments: none ]

Meat Loaf returned to his home state to talk at Texas Frightmare, and he had a run in with the end of the stage. As in, he fell off of it. According to Sofa King Cool Magazine, he tripped over a wire, fell through the curtain and landed on the floor. While he was lying on the floor, he made sure to tell his fans that he loved them.

He was evaluated at the scene and taken the hospital. The convention gave an update on Saturday, “As everyone knows Meat Loaf fell today. We wanted to keep you updated as soon as we knew something. We just found out that the hospital is keeping him overnight for observation. He will not be able to return on Sunday but he has already confirmed that he will be back in 2020! He’s a trooper and we are praying a speedy recovery!”

SFCM reports that he broke his collarbone from the fall.

It is kind of crazy that he was injured while speaking at an event and not singing at a concert. He is known for getting so into his performance, nothing can break his attention. Even though, I did.


Meat Loaf gives a health update
January 24th, 2019 under Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman. [ Comments: none ]

Meat Loaf has had several health issues throughout his career. Now it looks like being a Bat Out of Hell has caught up with the 71-year-old. That is because today the singer tweeted, “Living in constant pain is a pain. I just what to go to work. Love you all. May you never know constant pain. Those that do I feel for you. God bless you Meat.”

Hopefully, they will figure out what is causing the pain and give him some relief. This way he can go back on the road and perform. If you have never seen him live, he puts on one helluva show. Worth every penny.

On another note, does Bat Out of Hell only come on any else playlist whenever they stuck in traffic. Or is it just me? It is the worst song to hear in a motionless car that has nowhere to go and all you want to do is be like the song title. When you on a clear highway, it is the best because you put the pedal to the medal and feel the air rushing past you as you go the speed limit. Hey, a traffic cop could be reading this.


Bonnie Tyler will sing Total Eclipse of the Heart during the total eclipse
August 18th, 2017 under Bonnie Tyler, Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1983, it had been 4 years since a total eclipse and people were able to relate to Jim Steinman’s lyric for his huge ballad Total Eclipse of the Heart sung by Bonnie Tyler. Today, it is 38 years later and people are once again excited for an eclipse because we are getting another one on August 21st.

So excited that Royal Caribbean is setting sail a Total Eclipse Cruise this Sunday and passengers will be able to witness the moon covering the sun from the water. To make that rare occurrence even more monumental, they will have Tyler sing that infamous song to hundreds of bright eyes as they go dark. How awesome is that going to be? To make it even better, the guests will be having Cake by the Ocean with DNCE.

Now back to the eclipse, tell me I am not the only who watched too many Horror movies and Sci-Fi shows and is afraid we are going to be taken over aliens, Zombies and/or animals during those 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Or time will stop and some evil lord will control our brains and we will never be the same when the sun finally shines through again?

Finally, there are still seats available for the cruise and you can get tickets to be one it for less than $800. What a bargain!


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