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BTWF: Lisa Whelchel on Family
July 24th, 2024 under Before They Were Famous, The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

Before Lisa Whelchel went to Eastland Academy on Facts of Life, she was a new student at a different high school on Family. She looks the same now as she did when she was 15 in that 1978 episode.


Which Facts of Life actress ruined a possible recent sequel over money?
July 24th, 2024 under The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

The Facts of Life is one of the most beloved shows for Gen Xers. So much so that we have been hoping we would get a sequel. And we came close to that happening. But one of the key four sabotaged that from happening.

In 2021, ABC recreated one of The Facts of Life episodes for Live In Front Of A Studio Audience. And the response was enormous. So, Norman Lear asked Mindy Cohn, Kim Fields, Nancy McKeon, and Lisa Whelchel if they were up for doing a reboot. And they all said yes.

So what happened? Cohn told Jeff Lewis on his SiriusXM show, “There was drama.” Then she explained, “One of the girls went behind our backs and tried to make a separate deal for a spinoff just for herself and devastated the rest of us who we all, you know, I had booked Palm Royale, another girl is working. I’m just saying it was for a 40-year friendship and sisterhood, there was tidal wave of emotion around it.”

Who is it? Cohn wouldn’t name names. But she said that if you go to her Instagram, you will get the answer. That is because you will not find any recent photos of that classmate with her since their friendship will never be the same, and for a while, they weren’t talking to the mystery castmate.

I accepted that challenge, went to Cohn’s Instagram and I am shocked by who the “greedy bitch” is. All I will say is that this Survivor didn’t do Dancing with the Stars like the other two. I thought she was the nice one. I guess not.


Will Rita Ora or Nicole Scherzinger be a panelist on The Masked Singer S12?
July 24th, 2024 under Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora. [ Comments: none ]

Nicole Scherzinger was a panelist on The Masked Singer for 10 seasons. But then she took a season off to star in Sunset Blvd on the West End. However, that musical ended its run in London.

Since she was taking a hiatus, Rita Ora was asked to fill her seat.

So, who will be sitting next to Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarty this season? Ora will be back to guess which singer is under the mask on the Fox singing competition when it returns on September 29th.

And Scherzinger will be on Broadway with Sunset Blvd. Therefore, it is a win-win for everyone.


We are getting a red Christmas this year because of Terrifer 3
July 24th, 2024 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Today, we got a preview of Terrifier 3, and it is going to be a Christmas movie.

Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) is set to unleash another round of chaos on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they peacefully drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve.

As someone who loves Season Killings movies, this is not on my list of films I want to see. I love Horror, but I hate the Terrifire franchise.

Do you like them? Are you going to see it when it comes out on October 11th?


Donald Trump wanted to do what with Kanye West?
July 24th, 2024 under Andy Cohen, Donald Trump, Kanye West, The View. [ Comments: none ]

Alyssa Farah Griffin was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen yesterday. One of the show’s fans wanted to know, “What was the wildest thing that you still cannot believe came across your desk when you were special assistant to Trump in the White House?”

I was kind of afraid of her answer because you never know what lunacy was going on in his head. However, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. What is it? “One day, he wanted to have Kanye West come and do a church service on the White House lawn to unify the country.”

Thankfully, they talked him out of it because that would have brought a whole new level of insanity to the 1600 Penn. And that was tough to do between the years of 2017-2021.


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