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Hot Links!
May 30th, 2016 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


Who mistakenly thought that look was a good idea? – Dlisted

Mel B's scary butt – Celebslam

You'll love this hangover cure! – wow

Kristen Stewart topless – The Nip Slip

This proves all men are dogs – The Blemish

Which new show is already in trouble? – Celebitchy

Chrissy Teigen shows off her milk makers – Taxi Driver

Why did Adele call out a fan during a concert? – Idolator


Jessica Simpson shows off her stars and stripes
May 30th, 2016 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Today is Memorial Day and Jessica Simpson spent it memorializing her old her body. As in, she showed of her toned body in a bikini made in honor of the American Flag. What better way to thank our troops than for her to show of her missiles? Maybe if she did a full body show and also modeled her guns?


BTWF auditions: Yunjun Kim for Lost
May 30th, 2016 under Before They Were Famous, Lost. [ Comments: none ]

Before Yunjin Kim got the role on Lost, she had to audition for it. It is obvious why the 30 year old landed the role of Sun Kwon after that 2005 audition.


I just can’t get enough of Depeche Mode performing with music!
May 30th, 2016 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

Depeche Mode’s Just Can’t Get Enough is one of the most upbeat songs ever created, but how would it look if you saw the band performing it without any music or lyrics? That is exactly what Mario Wienerroither showed us when he Stripped all the audio from their 1982 live performance on French TV. Seriously how ridiculous do they look dancing in mute? Especially David Gahan and that wiggling thing he is doing? With music it is another story, but without it is like a Grimm Fairytale.
Do you Enjoy the Silence?
But back to DM, I can’t get over how young they look back before they found their Personal Jesus. Such babies!


Listen to Conan O’Brien have an orgasm!
May 30th, 2016 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Bijoux Indiscrets has created the Orgasm Library of real sounds and they are asking you to upload your sounds of pleasure. Wanting to be charitable, Conan O’Brien added his O sound to the library. A sound that makes me feels sorry for his poor wife. As much pity as I feel for her, it is less than what I have Andy Richter’s Mrs. Could you imagine hearing that after sex? Proving that humor helps to save marriages because that is something that both men have going for them.


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