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FX starts the laughter off with Charlie Sheen and ends it with Russell Brand tonight
June 28th, 2012 under FX. [ Comments: none ]

Charlie Sheen is returning to TV tonight at 9p on FX after his Anger Management problem last year. He is playing a former-baseball player turned therapist who conducts sessions in his house on FX’s only taped in front of a live audience sitcom. Charlie Goodson is having casual sex with another therapist played by Selma Blair and is on indifferent terms with his ex-wife and mother of his daughter. His teenage daughter looks up to her dad, but is he the right role model for her. If you like the traditional comedy that Charlie Sheen would star in then you will love this laugher. I just feel bad for poor Chuck Lorre who has to watch to of his ex-stars (Brett Butler and Sheen) work together in bar scenes.
Then after two episodes of Anger Management, Wilfred is back and he doesn’t remember Ryan Newman after his car accident. Ryan is still hoping to get Jenna to break off her engagement, but the chances are looking slim now that his best friend doesn’t know who he is.
FX closes the sitcom block at 10:30p with Louis CK in critically-acclaimed Louie. We finally get to meet his ex-wife who looks nothing like you thought she would.
Then at 11p Russell Brand takes on topical current events in BrandX and it will be like nothing else you have ever seen on television. I have been waiting to see this show ever since FX announced they were doing it. I am really curious what it will be like.
FX is making Thursdays funny again, so be prepared to laughed so hard you will be pee in your pants.


Lindsay Lohan thinks Cleopatra is Japanese?
June 28th, 2012 under Lindsay Lohan. [ Comments: 1 ]

Lindsay Lohan Tweeted a picture of herself in Cleopatra’s hair and makeup dressed in a Kimono, and said “Konichiwa!” So that makes me wonder if the Liz and Dick actress thinks the Egyptian pharaoh was actually Japanese instead of her Egyptian/Greek ancestry? I mean I wouldn’t it past her, would you?


Channing Tatum’s sister watched him strip for his first time
June 28th, 2012 under Channing Tatum, David Letterman. [ Comments: none ]

Channing Tatum was on The Late Show yesterday and David Letterman asked him about the first time he stripped. So the man behind Magic Mike told him that first time he took off his clothes for money his sister was there watching him do it with her friends. But the yuck factor didn’t stop there, his first costume was as a boy scout and he sang Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh as he stripped. So ewwww. I hope that song and dance routine is not in the chick flick with lots of d!ck because that is a major buzz kill, as in the vibrator will be off for a few seconds during that scene.
But if you want to get your friend to buzz again, watch this recut of the Magic Mike trailer that only shows the stripping scenes!!!


Remember when the V in VH1 stood for videos and not vaginal rejuvenation?
June 28th, 2012 under VH1/MTV. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 16:30 in)

So yesterday VH1 has a show called Hollywood Exes that stars the ex-wives of Jessica Canseco, Mayte Garcia, Nicole Murpy, Andrea Kelly and Sheree Fletcher. Well in the yesterday’s episode Jose Canseco’s ex went to a spa and got her vajayjay tightened for the cameras as Eddie Murphy’s ex watched. I mean she actually watched as her ho-ha and a$$ was being tightened. Seriously, WTF do you say to that? Well I guess you can say nothing and I do mean nothing is sacred any more on TV.
Dear VH1, I implore to you show music videos again and not reality shows with no names or neverbeens. Thanks!
xoxo Michael…I think.


Craig Ferguson does his show by the light of a robot’s eyes!
June 28th, 2012 under Craig Ferguson. [ Comments: none ]

Now before I start this post about how Craig Ferguson did The Late Late Show his show without power yesterday, I have to tell you what happened to me as a I watching the video and preparing to write. So I went to CBS’s YouTube page to watch the clips from last night’s show to see which was worthy to include and the videos wouldn’t play. So then I went to to check it out there and my computer shut down half way through the first one. I then realized that power cord was not plugged in and battery ran out of juice. OK, now I am completely creeped out by the irony of what happened. Seriously how weird is that?
Actually at this point there isn’t much for me to post about The Late Late Show not paying their electricity bill because I pretty much told you the gist of it in the first sentence? What I can tell you this is not the first time he has done his show in the dark, in 2009 a wind storm caused him to do his CBS talk show the same way. No wonder he negotiated for a better studio in his new contract, but what will he complain about when he is in it???


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