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Is this how The WB will end?
June 30th, 2006 under WB+UPN=CW. [ Comments: none ]

The last day of broadcasting for The WB is Sept. 17, and the netlet is saying goodbye by broadcasting the pilots of, among other things, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel” and “Felicity.”

Now, the “Buffy” and “Angel” pilots were swell, to be sure, but J.J. Abrams’ “Felicity” pilot was genius, right up there with his “Alias” and “Lost” pilots. It left you dying to see what happened next.

Personally, I would have preferred to see the incredible "Roswell" pilot sub for the "Dawson’s Creek" opener. But who cares what stupid Herc thinks?

How now will UPN shut down the day before? "Voyager"? "Enterprise"? "Veronica"? "Smackdown"?

Read more of how the former Frog Net celebrates its final hours here.



Oh Freddie, you so crazy
June 30th, 2006 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: none ]

FREDDIE PRINZE JR is so fond of practical jokes, he has sickened celebrity pals by dressing as a serial killer and defecating in onset trailers. The actor is proud of his status as Hollywood's number one prankster and insists no trick is too low. Prinze Jr tells the New York Daily News, "CLAIRE FORLANI had watched a documentary on serial killers. So I dressed up as one of them – all in black with a T-shirt that I pulled over my eyes. "I knocked on her door with a kitchen knife. I apologised to her afterwards. Then there was the time MATT LILLARD once thought it was funny if he defecated in my hotel room – and it was. It made me laugh, so I defecated in his trailer, and it made him laugh."

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Pete Doherty clean???
June 30th, 2006 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: none ]

PETE DOHERTY is winning his battle with drugs so he can reunite with ex-lover KATE MOSS. But the singer’s hopes rest on a knife edge after vital anti-addiction implants were seized by suspicious customs officers. Doherty’s friend and literary agent PAUL ROUNDHILL says, "He is clean at the moment. It must be very hard for him. But he’s done it for Kate. He wants to stay clean to get back with her. "He’s having more implants put in because the last ones went terribly wrong. They went septic which is a very dangerous situation. "He was meant to get them a few days ago but customs saw the package with his name on it and thought they might be drugs being sent to them so broke the package open and sterilised it."

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So now he is addicted to anti-addiction implants? 



AXL says the Swedish police threatened him
June 30th, 2006 under Arrested. [ Comments: none ]

yeah, but he bit them first. Whatever AXL he should just be happy he is getting free publicty!

GUNS N’ ROSES frontman AXL ROSE has blasted Swedish police for blackmailing him into co-operating with their demands. The singer was being held in a Swedish jail after being arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning (26JUN06) for allegedly biting a security guard during a drunken brawl. After agreeing to pay a fine of 40,000 kronor (US$5,500/GBP3,000), he was released from jail. He was also ordered to pay 10,000 kronor (US$1,360/GBP756) in damages to the security guard. But tour manager MERCK MERCURIADIS says the star only admitted to the "violent conduct" because he was physically mistreated as well as threatened with up to three weeks behind bars if he didn’t. Rose would have missed the tour had he not complied. Mercuriadis says, "We are in the middle of a tour. "The Swedish authorities were very aware of this, yet continually threatened us over a 12-hour period with between five days and three weeks incarceration without bail if Axl did not ‘co-operate’. "They were fully aware that there were millions of dollars at stake, not to mention the hopes of tens of thousands of fans who had paid for tickets to see Guns N’ Roses." "The point is, the police report should not be taken at face value, and if one were to be explicit, this experience is tantamount to being held for ransom. "If the context were any different, Axl would probably have preferred to spend the time in jail in order to ensure that all the facts were a matter of public record."

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Even Star knows she doesn’t have any fans.
June 30th, 2006 under The View. [ Comments: none ]

In every article she says she owes it to the audience or she owes it to viewers, but she never says I owed it to my fans. lol

 Ousted cast member Star Jones Reynolds said Thursday she was told she could "make up a story" about why she was leaving "The View" and her colleagues would have gone along with it.

The truth – that Reynolds’ ABC bosses didn’t want her back because her personal popularity was plummeting – might never have been known without the fight.

"They said you can make up a story," Reynolds said. "The audience didn’t deserve for me to make up a story. That’s not fair."

Longtime ABC newswoman Walters has confirmed the intended deception, but said it was done to protect Reynolds’ reputation and feelings.

ABC said it canned Reynolds immediately after Tuesday’s show because her announcement, and an interview with People magazine, took the network by surprise. Walters told The Associated Press that she felt betrayed and ABC said it couldn’t trust Reynolds to tell the truth if she remained on the air.

Reynolds said she was "having trouble reconciling" ABC’s statement with being told earlier that she could lie about her exit.


and from Entertainment Tonight 

Star revealed that she just wanted to be honest with viewers about the fact that her contract was not renewed for a tenth season: "I simply told what happened," which included her telling People magazine that she felt like she’d been fired.



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