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Did Courtney Stodden and Brian Austin Green go Instagram official?
July 1st, 2020 under Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place. [ Comments: none ]

Courtney Stodden and Brian Austin Green were seen having a lunch date recently, and their reps denied that there was anything romantic between the two. Yesterday, the recently separated actor was photographed with Tina Louise (not the one from Gilligan’s Island) during the day and Stodden at night. That makes me wonder if there is something between the two?

They are perfect for each other. She likes older men and he likes younger women. Plus, look at them, they look like they are enjoying each other.

What do you think of them as a couple?


Celebrity Game Face leaves four couples with more than egg on their faces
July 1st, 2020 under E!, Kevin Hart, Sarah Hyland, Terry Crews. [ Comments: none ]

This Monday at 10p on E!, four celebrity couples are going to go face to face on Celebrity Game Face. Kevin and Eniko Hart, Terry and Rebecca King Crews, Sarah Hyland and her fiancé Wells Adams, and Joel and Sarah McHale will all play the games from the comfort of their own homes, and that is the only thing that is comfortable for them.

The four couples will compete in several embarrassing challenges for a good cause. At the end of the night, a charity of their choice will be a little richer thanks to them. One couple even wins the coveted Hart of a Champion trophy, which is a gold statue of baby Kevin Hart. I am assuming it is the same size as he is now.

Before a winner is named, they are going to play several games and diss each other throughout the night. That should be a lot of fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adams, the Bachelor’s bartender, wins it all like he won Worst Cooks In America: Celebrity Edition. He is funnier than you think. However, is he funnier than the two comedians and a comedic actor? We will find out on Monday.

Hopefully, if it does well, E! will pick up as a series. Who doesn’t like watching celebrities make fools of themselves? I know I do!


CBS honors Carl Reiner with two colorized eps of The Dick Van Dyke Show
July 1st, 2020 under Dick Van Dyke. [ Comments: none ]


Carl Reiner not only created The Dick Van Dyke Show, but he also starred on it as Alan Brady. Brady was the host of the variety show that Rob Petrie (Van Dyke) wrote for. While Reiner was not on the show all the time, when he was on, he left a memorable impression.

Not only did he leave an impression on the show, but he also left an impression on all of us. On Monday night, he passed away from natural causes at the age of 98. This Friday at 8p, CBS is going to honor him with two of his DVD Show episodes starting at 8p. To make them as special as he was, they are going to be colorized. We will see what happens when Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) outs him as a bald man who wears a toupee in one episode. Then on the other one, he plays an eccentric artist who wants to paint Laura.

Whether you have seen these hilarious episodes before, or this will be the first time, I highly suggest you watch. Both episodes are some of the show’s funniest ones in its very successful run.


Find out how The Go-Go’s got their beat in a Showtime documentary
July 1st, 2020 under Showtime, The Go-Go's. [ Comments: none ]

Before there was Madonna, The Bangles, Tiffany, and Wilson Phillips, there was The Go-Go’s. The all-girl band from Los Angeles, who played their own instruments, opened the door for all of those acts, and they have not closed it.

Charlotte Caffey (lead guitar, keyboards and vocals), Belinda Carlisle (lead vocals), Gina Schock (drums), Kathy Valentine (bass and vocals), and Jane Wiedlin (guitar & vocals) have had a career that has spanned over 40 years. As a band, they have had several hits that we all know like We Got The Beat, Vacation, Turn to You, and more. They inspired a whole new generation of female rockers, so they have a story to tell.

On August 1st, that story will be told on Showtime. The doc will include archived interviews and new ones with the quintet. It is an honest look at their rise to fame, the good times, the bad times, and everything in between that includes several breakups and makeups.

Whether you are a fan of The Go-Go’s or not, this is a must-watch for fans of music. They created a movement that can still be felt today because they still have the beat!


Yeah, yeah, Beavis and Butt-Head, he-he, is coming back with new episodes, he-he!
July 1st, 2020 under Comedy Central. [ Comments: 1 ]

2020, he-he, has sucked balls, but not anymore. Comedy Central, they don’t suck, just announced, he-he, that they picked up hey, Beavis, and, hey, Butt-Head, for two more seasons. If that is not enough, fire, he-he, fire, he-he, for you, we can also expect to get spinoffs and specials from the ’90s animated duo, he-he.

Hey, Mike Judge, who created the show, will write and produce the show along with voicing the characters. Why is he bringing it back? “It seemed like the time was right to get stupid again,” said Judge, he-he.

Beavis and Butt-Head aired on MTV from 1992-1997 with a one-season revival in 2011. They also had a feature-length film in 1996 called Beavis and Butt-Head Do America.

On that note, now that he is bringing back his babies, maybe he will consider giving us a sequel to Office Space without Jennifer Aniston. Beavis says, “She’s hot.” Butt-Head replies, “For a grandmother.:” Beavis concurs, “Yeah, yeah. I like grandmas.” Butt-head turns to him and says, “Hey Beavis, you’re sick.” They both laugh in their special way and scene.


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