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February 26th, 2024 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

Guess who wants us to look at her leg? – Celebitchy

Bradley Cooper is so annoying now – Pajiba

Who is coming to Beef season 2? – Screen Rant

Sara Ramirez is out of And Just Like That – The Cut

Chelsea Handler skiing in a bikini – Drunken Stepfather

Kim Kardashian braless in a see-thru shirt – The Nip Slip


Richard Simmons reveals why Oprah Winfrey stopped booking him
February 26th, 2024 under Oprah Winfrey, Richard Simmons. [ Comments: none ]

Oprah Winfrey used to have Richard Simmons on her show all the time, but then she stopped. Today, The Weight Guru explained what went wrong.

I have a little lump in my throat as I write this. She is one of the most powerful and adored women. She is the queen of TV…an actress…producer…a book writer… and a lecturer. When she talks, everyone listens. She has billions of followers. All you have to think of is her first name. I am speaking about Oprah.

In the 80s, she flew me out to Baltimore, Maryland to do her local talk show. She greeted me with a smile and a hug. She dressed so beautifully. She was a fashionista. I still remember a long colorful silk scarf that draped around her upper body and tied on her shoulder. When I told her my story, she was interested and showed her happiness for me.

Later when she moved to Chicago, she had me on again. Again only kindness emanated from her. I watched her show every day. She could interview anybody and her audience adored her. When she walked on stage the audience went crazy.

One day she walked out pulling a red wagon …and in the wagon was some kind of lard or fat representing the amount of weight that she lost. Oprah wore a turtleneck and a pair of jeans. She radiated light.

I was coming out of a studio where I met a national gossip columnist named Cindy Adams. She was petite with perfect make up and coiffed hair. She asked me “what do you think of Oprah’s weight loss?” I replied “as long as Oprah exercises and eats healthy she will be fine.”

The next day she wrote a column and the headline was Richard Simmons thinks Oprah will gain all of her weight back and some. I never said that. She made it up to sell newspapers. I forgave Cindy because that is the kind of person that I am.

When Oprah read this I was erased from her life. I was never asked to be on her show again. She never ever forgave me for something I did not say.

I still respect Oprah. Her heart is filled with helping people just like me. I still remember the two times I did her show. I never talked to a gossip columnist again. The world is a better place because of Oprah.

I hope someone tells Mrs. O about this post, and she forgives him. Because if anyone could get him out of hiding. It is her.


BTWF: Mark Harmon in 240-Robert
February 26th, 2024 under Before They Were Famous, Mark Harmon/Pam Dawber. [ Comments: none ]

Before Mark Harmon was fighting crime in DC in NCIS, he started out doing it in LA in 240-Robert. How much did you love hearing the 27-year-old sing in that 1979 episode?


This New Kids on the Block promotion is so 1994
February 26th, 2024 under NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]


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Back in the ’90s, musicians would tease new music via 1-900 numbers. But that is so last century.

Or so I thought. New Kids on the Block is doing it again to tease their new single Kids, which comes out on March 5th.

So, if you want to throw it back to when NKOTB was still kids, then call their hotline at 1-806-NEW-KIDS.

At least this number is free, unlike the old ones from back in the day.


Carol Burnett doesn’t have to say anything to be funny
February 26th, 2024 under Apple TV+, Carol Burnett. [ Comments: none ]

Carol Burnett is 90 years young, and she is still as funny as ever.

Case in point. Here she is starring in Apple TV+’s Palm Royale, which debuts on March 20th. She isn’t saying anything, but she is still making me laugh out loud.

How many comedians can do that as well as her? Not many. And that is why we love her so much.


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