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December 10th, 2018 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


1Who has always been sexy? – Dlisted

Who knew? – Celebitchy

Katie Holmes is braless – The Nip Slip

Olivia Wilde forgot her top – Go Fug Yourself

Meghan Markle's bump is getting bigger – The Cut

How The Ranch got rid of Danny Masterson – Pajiba

What is the most loved show for all ages? – ScreenRant


The Voice coaches harmonizes with Jimmy Fallon The Roots
December 10th, 2018 under Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Clarkson, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots invited The Voice coaches to do a mashup of their hits acapella style. The started with Adam Levine, followed up with Jennifer Hudson, somehow got Blake Shelton to blend in before saving, Kelly Clarkson, the best for last.

Oddly enough, not only do they mesh well together as coaches on the NBC show. They also mesh well when they sing as one. Who knew?


BTWF: Adam Levine in Kara’s Flowers
December 10th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Before Adam Levine was in Maroon 5, he was in Kara’s Flowers waiting for his big break. Even when he was just 16 back in 1995, he knew how to work the camera.


What is, I wonder how Alex Trebek felt about this category?
December 10th, 2018 under Jeopardy. [ Comments: none ]

You know how Family Feud likes to incorporate questions about Steve Harvey into the game? Well, Jeopardy finally got around to doing the same thing with Alex Trebek.

The writers had some fun and wanted the contestants to put on their medical hats and tell us what ailments the host has had through the years. That is a trip down memory lane no one wants to go down. Especially Trebek.


Dead Ant proves good actors can do bad movies!
December 10th, 2018 under Tom Arnold. [ Comments: none ]

There are actors who will say yes to whatever movie that they are offered and sometimes they make the right choice.

For example, Sean Astin, Tom Arnold and Jake Busey said yes to starring in Dead Ant. A film about a Rock band that does some really strong peyote in a desert and gets attacked by huge killer ants!

I don’t know how the Oscars can ignore this brilliant movie that is coming to home video on January 25th. It might be why no one wants to host the thing this year. The closest they came to getting someone, was someone who is the size of an ant.

Seriously, what would you rather see: The Green Book or Dead Ant? Dead Ant of course because it is totally rockin’!


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