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[ # ] You’ll be shocked who Conan O’Brien says is his least favorite guest
October 4th, 2023 under Conan O'Brien, Ed Sheeran

Conan O’Brien has interviewed hundreds of celebrities over the last 30 years, but who was his least favorite? That is what Ed Sheeran wanted to know when they were chatting on the Conan Needs a Friend podcast.

“It was someone from a long time ago. It was when we were first starting the show. We had, I mean, this amazing singer, actress Eartha Kitt was on the show. A lot of people know her from the 1960s Batman. She played Catwoman a little bit,” he said. “She was very tough to talk to. And I was brand new. And so I put most of it on myself. But, I would say things like, ‘Oh, you dated James Dean back in 1954.’ And, she would say, ‘Well, so what? Why are you asking me?'”

And that is when Sheeran said that it is more like a statement than a question. And now Sheeran is his least favorite guest.

Conan was joking about Sheeran, but he got serious and hinted he was not a fan of interviewing the cast from The WB shows, who were young and pompous. I am assuming he is talking about James Van Der Beek, who has admitted he was douche during his Dawson’s Creek days.

Who are Conan’s favorite guests? He loved talking to the late Norm MacDonald and Will Ferrell. He enjoys the Anchorman because you never know what he is going to bring with him, and you just have to go with it.

It is real moments like the ones we saw between Conan and Sheeran that really makes me miss him having a talk show. None of the Strike Force Five are as good as him when it comes to interviewing. Seth Meyers comes the closest, but he is still no Conan.


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